Skin Care Tips for Winter!- Pamper your delicate skin this winter season!!

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Come winter and we all fall prey to dry skin! The beautiful season of winter has always been a hindrance to our personal beauty. Dry skin, rough patches, skin peeling etc. are just some of the many wrong things that winter does to us. It is therefore important that you give your skin the right treatment. So read ahead to know what your skin type requires this winter season! Winter care tips just for you!

Skin Care Tips for Winter

‘We Want Moisture’-says your skin!

The best way to combat dry skin is by moisturizing it more. But your usual moisturizer might not work for winters. Choose an oil-based moisturizer because this will retain more moisture. You can even go for an ointment moisturizer for better results.

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We know you have heard this a gazillion times but hear it once more. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. Your body has a natural tendency to stop the urge to drink water during winter, but you still need to. This is not just for your skin, but for your overall health too.

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Aloe Cleanser for Your Skin

Aloe Vera can be your best friend this winter season! It is a healing as well as a moisturizing agent and don’t you dare give it a miss. You can go for a cleanser that contains aloe vera extracts that will remove dead cells and enhance cell renewal.

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Keep a Sunscreen Ready to Use

Even if there is hardly any sun to be seen, a sunscreen is a must. Exposure to the sun can cause harmful effects which you definitely don’t want to face. So before setting out, make sure that you have applied adequate amount of sunscreen on your skin and only then are you good to go!

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Turmeric for That Very, Very Dry Skin

If your skin has become exceedingly dry, avoid using soap while bathing. Instead, you can apply a lemon and turmeric cream before you wash your skin. Turmeric will soften your skin and will stop further skin damage.

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For Those Cracked Heels

Everybody hates the sight of cracked heels. Stop trying to cover it with socks or shoes and apply homemade scrub to heal it. If you want to keep it simpler, soak your feet for 15 minutes in warm water at night, scrub with a pumice stone. An apricot based cream will do wonders to heal your cracks.

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Apart from these, avoid scrubbing as it will cause further drying of skin. Follow these tips and winter shall do no harm to your skin!

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