Paul English – The Uber Driver who is an Ubersome ‘Billionaire’!


Yes, you read that right! We are talking about this man who’s a billionaire and has decided to be an Uber driver, meet the billion dollar driver, Paul English who is the world’s ubersome richest Uber driver.

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Paul English who is the co founder of the travel search company ‘Kayak’ recently decided to become an Uber Driver by signing up to make the people have a ride around town using the popular ride-hailing app.

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Last year, Paul English’s  Kayak–which Priceline bought for $1.8 billion in 2012–looked at his calendar. He realized that 90% of his meetings and outings, were with people in technology or nonprofits. He wanted to broaden his circle. So he started driving for Uber. Paul who is a proud owner of his all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S P85, an all-electric car whose base price is $105,000 tweeted “I’ll be driving my Tesla around town, so I’m really excited.”

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He tweeted about his first trip on Thursday while sharing the image of him earning a whopping $7.79 for driving a local college student home.

It’s a gig English still does a few hours a week in and around his hometown of Boston. “If anyone asks what I do for a living, I usually say I’m an engineer, and then I ask what they do,” English says. “It’s more interesting to hear about other people.”

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English doesn’t soup up his ride with bottled water or candy. But he keeps a notebook and writes down a sentence about every rider. One of his more memorable passengers was a 13-year-old girl from China, who was visiting high schools in Boston. She hoped that attending one would make it easier to get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology–where English is a part-time instructor at the business school. He mentioned that to her.

After all this mush and gini… English says he’s planning to be a bar tender. Don’t worry, if he becomes one we’ll let you know about that too.
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