Fusion Dress

Some wise person once said, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”. I kinda agree with the former part and disagree with the latter, in that, I feel, style can be learnt! You can learn to dress for your shape. You can learn what suits you, what makes you feel great and what doesn’t! I wasn’t born with the best fashion sense. But I have taught myself how to dress and look like a million bucks even when I am dressed in rags.

My Fashion Philosophy

I’m a foodaholic who has juggled between size 4 and 8 in the past decade. I am still somewhere in between those sizes. But what has changed in the past years is my attitude towards my own self…I have started feeling beautiful and chic no matter what size I am!

I have been obsessed with fashion ever since I was a kid. My dad owns a small clothing business in India. I would accompany him and see the factory workers stitch and knit all kinds of garments. My fascination and admiration for threads, colors, cuts, fabrics and prints started at that young age.

The Fusion Dress 

FusionThe elephant print skirt makes for a perfect fusion look with the print being so ethnic and the cut being so western. It is versatile enough to be worn on a date-night outfit or as fun business casuals (with a nice black shirt/blazer). I love the colors on the skirt – mustard and rust. The colors so perfect for autumn! And the fabric feels soft, high quality and comfy. This skirt is made of handloom cotton. It is block printed with traditional Rajasthani elephant design with vegetable colors.

Skirt: https://goo.gl/nC6SaK
Crop Top: https://goo.gl/lPNOP1

Perfect Accessories for the Fusion Look

AccessoriesI naturally lean towards my ethnic roots. I love to mix and match from what’s available and create compilation of sorts. I try to not parade an accessory store on my body but I love the delicate and intricate neck & ear pieces, ethnic and tribal prints . Above all, I love frugal fashion in which I don’t need big brands to make me look stylish.

Earrings: Burlington
Heels: https://goo.gl/hk4ufb or https://goo.gl/kes6o5 (similar)

Fashion Tips

I am no size zero, don’t want to be one; I have extra flab and extra curves all over…and I LOVE it all! I am not tall, I have some less flattering features like pale freckled skin, light eyebrows, accentuated jawline, big nose for which I have had been ridiculed. I had auditioned for my college’s fashion show and was never selected. I took it to heart and for the longest time didn’t love what I had or who I was. Through all those bodily insecurities and struggles, I have learnt to love and respect my body for what it is. I have learnt to not measure my beauty in inches (of height-of waist-of hips)! I believe, beauty is a state of mind. You need to believe you are beautiful to look beautiful! To that regard, I echo Amy Bloom’s thoughts –“I am imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed AND beautiful!”

Styled and Featuring by – Neha Joshi

Photos by Amey Patil

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Her website is https://chicpudding.com/



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