Amazing Tips and Tricks To Deal With Picky Eaters – A guide

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Feeding your child is one of the common problems faced by every parent. Children’s nutrition and eating times are meant to be healthy and fun and not turn out to be a power play for the parents and the children. Power struggles and forced eating can lead to poor satisfaction and burden on children. Find out how to help your child love food and lead them to consume a healthy and balanced diet. Your child may be happy to munch on certain foodstuffs while toss off a few on the floor. This is a passing phase in life of all children and doesn’t tend to last long. Help your picky eaters choose the correct food habits for themselves with these simple tips and ideas.

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Do Not Force Or Fight

Understand the likes and dislikes of your child at meal time. Don’t turn the dining table into a battle field or a war front. Offer kids what they are fond off instead of insisting on the foods you think they should like.

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Respect Child’s Appetite

Every child has a different capability or appetite to eat food. Respect their appetite and don’t bribe them to clean their plate. Let them decide their portion and do not force to eat.

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Give Your Kids Some Practical Choices

Offer your picky eaters a few choices over foods they can have for lunch. Add some delicious fruits and nuts along with veggies to make their platter have many flavors.

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Use Some Of Your Kid’s Favorite Dips

If your kid refrains from the strong fragrance and taste of few veggies, occasionally prepare their favorite dips and sauces to enhance their taste buds. But do not make this a habit.

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Include Liquid Diet In Their Meals

A rich diet in fruit and vegetable makes a balanced and nutritional diet we would like our kids to consume. Rich and healthy real fruit juices with a mix of few vegetable juices can add nourishment to their diet. Avoid too much of liquid though, else you will depress the urge for meals in the long duration.

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Set A Meal Schedule For Your Picky Eaters

Set a time frame for every snack and meal to get your child on track. However, do not make it a rule and allow your child to skip a meal once in a while. Schedules are made just to make them understand their meal time and prevent over snacking. If your child is hungry at times in between offer fruits, nuts, small sandwiches or milk.

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You may consult a doctor if you feel that your child’s picky eating is affecting his/her health. Take small steps towards teaching your child to eat everything. It will not happen overnight so be patient and try several times.

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