Plus Size Intimate Wear: Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Intimate wear! These words itself sound so exciting and sexy, don’t they? Sexiness is believed to be limited to size 0 or slimmer women. But, it’s high time when we break this stereotype. We all want a special person in our lives for whom we can dress up and look beautiful. Wait a sec! Is it always about looking pretty for someone else? Of course not! The fact is deep down every women wants to look beautiful and dress up for them. When we speak of plus size women, nothing gets different. There have something unique about their curves and body type which needs to be given special attention too. Don’t be sad gals you too can look hot and sexy if you embrace the right type and fit of plus size intimate wear that embraces your curves.

Here are few tips and fool proof solutions for plus size intimate wear –

Get Measured Accurately

Different companies have lingerie’s labeled as different sizes. It may be tempting to buy something based on size, but trust us get yourself measured at the store. It’ll save you much time. Remember not to tuck in your tummy to get the right size intimate wear for you.

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Fabric Is An Important Key

Wearing lingerie is a symbol of your confidence and beauty. Intimate wears are available in any fabric you may imagine – cotton or satin, lace or velvet, leather or fishnet. For busty women you should opt for practical and comfy lingerie made from cotton, silk or satin. If plus size women opt for too clingy inner wear they might loose the charm.

Choice Of Colors

You need not pay too much attention to choice of colors for the flattering dresses. Some decent colors to complement your skin tone and the perfect fit are the key to looking sexy. While black presents a sophisticated look, pink is feminine and red is super hot.

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Look At Separates

Sometimes it’s hard to find the correct fit in plus size intimate wear category. Often the set is not comfortable and fitting. In such instances, shop for separate top and bottom to accentuate your figure.

Don’t Blindly Follow The Trend

What you see in the fashion magazines might not be a good choice for plus size women. So don’t follow trends blindly opt for something that is perfect and cozy for your body size.

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Go For Comfort Over Style

Most plus size women struggle finding the right size inner wears to suit their body type. Most choose smaller bra sizes to look fabulous but end up with discomfort and backache. Stylish intimates make you look sexy but you need to lock in your comfort zone.

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Highlight Your Curves

Plus size intimate wear serves more functions than just embracing your curves. If you want to get a bustier look try a corset but if you’re looking for flare and glamour babydolls are best options.

Don’t Be Shy

Indian women are not open-minded to speak about or shop for lingerie yet. However, it’s time we beak the taboo. Be confident and not shy in shopping good plus size intimate wear and rock the world. Remember skinny is not the only sexy nowadays!

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The India Intimate Fashion Week Season 2 is all set to break the stereotypes about intimate wear in India ones again. They are ready to celebrate the intimate positivity through a large section of bespoke lingerie. This year IIFW has a special show dedicated to plus-size intimate wear too.

Rejoice all plus size ladies! Now you can get the best curve-friendly outfits designed in breathable fabrics to make you look more confident and fabulous.

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