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Political Recap – 2016 was a year full of surprises not just in India but all over the world. Some happenings in the political world were so unorthodox that even the predictions from the wisest people went wrong. Some people have called 2016 a political blunder, while some called it a new start.

We at Stylewhack have summed up top 10 political stories to give you a flashback of this revolutionary year – #Stylewhackrecap2016.

Here is what political modulation India saw in 2016

1. JNU Issue
Political recap- JNU
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On 9th February 2016, some unknown groups chanted the slogans of ‘Azadi’ and protested against the death sentence of Kashmiri separatist, Muhammad Afzal Guru. A right winged student union alleged that the protest march consisted of Anti-India slogans by the JNU student unions. According to JNUSU students, the programme was a cultural evening organised to question the working of the Supreme Court. It was also meant to bring the grievances of the Kashmiri citizens to light. Some JNU students were arrested which created chaos between the right wing political parties and the ruling party BJP. Even the Indian Media was divided on this issue.

2. India State Assembly Election Results in 4 States
Political recap - state assembly elections
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State Assembly Elections were held West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and one Union Territory of Puducherry in April-May 2016. While Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress and J. Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK retained power in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu respectively, Congress governments were toppled in Kerala and Assam. In Puducherry, the election was won by the Congress party.

3. A surgical strike after URI attacks.
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On 18th September, terrorists killed 17 Army soldiers and injured 19 in a suicide attack on an Army camp in Kashmir. Four terrorists struck the camp close to the headquarters of the 12th Brigade at Uri in Baramulla District. This was one of the deadliest terrorist strikes on security forces in recent times. Whole nation was angered by this cowardly move of terrorists

After Uri attacks, India responded with a surgical strike against militant launch pads of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir resulting in the death of 35 to 50 militants.

4. Demonetization Happened!
Political recap -demonetisation
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On 8th November, The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi shocked the nation as well as the world with the demonetization of INR 100 and INR 500 notes. It was all chaos for the common man to stand in line to collect new currency. This led to the division of opinions in the entire nation, some people appreciated this move hoping for a better future, while some people opposed it claiming the restrictions to withdraw their own money were rubbish.

The after effects of the decision are still seen and we are yet to make a firm conclusion on the usefulness of the decision.

5. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away due to cardiac arrest
Political Recap- Jayalalithaa
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After undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai for 75 days, Jayalalithaa passed away at the age of 68.

Five time chief minister and a former actress was the heart of Tamil Nadu Politics. Her demise left a big void in Tamil Nadu politics. She was laid to rest next to the memorial of her mentor, MG Ramachandran. Lakhs of her followers and majority of the powerful leaders of the country paid their tribute to her.

Alongside India, there was a lot going on in World Politics too. Here are our top five international political stories of the year.

Here is what the rest of the world saw in 2016 –

6. Panama Papers leaked
Panama papers news
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A giant leak of more than 11.5 million financial and legal records exposes a system that enables crime, corruption and wrongdoing, hidden by secretive offshore companies. Whole world was shocked after the names of world’s whose who came out. Private information about the hidden health of many wealthy celebrities and public officials were revealed.

Read more about the Panama Papers

7. Brexit Stumped Us All
brexit political news
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On June 23rd, England voted for Brexit, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%. Scotland and Northern Ireland both backed staying in the EU. Scotland backed Remain by 62% to 38%, while 55.8% in Northern Ireland voted Remain and 44.2% Leave.

The value of Pound took a 30 year low after brexit causing UK’s economy to suffer in the initial phase.

8. Theresa May becomes the new UK Prime Minister.
Theresa may- political
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British Prime Minister Theresa May started her new job Wednesday, after outgoing David Cameron bid goodbye to Parliament after losing vote on BREXIT. Theresa May is the second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, who ran the government between 1979 and 1990.

Like Mr. Cameron, Theresa May was also against the Brexit but respected the majority decision of British citizens.

9. Nuclear Tests conducted by North Korea
Political news 2016
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Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, North Korea is known for its aggressive tactics. It is often known for its harsh relations with US.

On September 9th, North Korea said it hit the button on its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test, claiming to have successfully detonated a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on ballistic rockets. It’s hard to say if it was a message for US or just a regular nuclear test.

10. Donald J. Trump is elected as the President of United States of America
Political Story- trump
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Another shocker of the year for the entire world! Majority of the experts including the US media predicted Trump’s loss as Hillary Clinton won major popular polls but the result surprised everyone.On November 8, Donald Trump won the elections as a successor to everyone’s beloved leader Barack Obama.

Which one of these events was your top pick? Do comment and tell us.

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