Top 10 Things You Should Definitely do at Pondicherry


[tps_header]Pondicherry boasts of a culture and architecture which has been highly influenced by the colonies which settled in Pondicherry in the previous eras. With a lovely beach and serene landscape, Pondicherry is definitely a place to visit if you want you have an International touch to your trip within India.

Pondicherry Airport is the nearest airport and Villupuram is the nearest railway station. There are a lot of buses running through Pondicherry starting from nearby places Trichy, Thanjaur, Coimbatore, Chidamabaram and Chennai.

The best time to visit Pondicherry is between October to February, when the sun is not that strong and the rains are also not frequent.

Here are top 10 things you should not miss if you are in Pondicherry:


[tps_title]A Walk through the French Colony[/tps_title]

A walk through the french colony
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The French colony showcases lovely homes with intricate French architecture, magnificent churches and huge boulevards filled with colorful flowers. The Notre Dame de Anges church is what will captivate your attention with its bright colors and an inviting entrance. Most of the houses in the French Colony have been converted into boutiques where you can buy exquisite souvenirs to take back home. The La Maison Rose boutique is recommended amongst all the boutiques in the French Colony. Since this road is closed for vehicular commutation, it is a pleasant to walk in this colony.

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