Popcorn cone, tub or bucket is a must while watching movies. Nothing can beat this awesome combination of movie and popcorn. Have you ever craved for a movie for month long and then went there when your pockets were almost empty and you have to surely sacrifice something big to enjoy this combination?

We found this young dude who gave us a perfect review and surely everyone of you will relate to it. Siddharth a big time foodie and real time Punekar (Purneri in real sense, this is a proud synonym for people living in Pune City)

So sit back and read his review, every word will echo his feeling and love for popcorn!

Finally after months of saving…?

Was able to buy cheese popcorn at a multiplex.. ?

The popcorn was fantastic, nice strong cheese flavored popcorn. Quantity was enough to last entire movie. 95% of popcorn and 5% of the hard corn which didn’t pop. A coke is a must as the taste is bit too much and gets little irritating, coke here acts like a palate cleanser. 

Didn’t opt for caramel as I thought it would be sweetish, didn’t opt for salted one as I’ve got act 2 popcorn packets back home. 

Overall nice. Only issue price. No wonder why they don’t allow outside food, because I guess not a single person would have this if they allow outside food.

Siddharth Gujar

A proud Punekar, a food blogger who goes by the name sidfrompune. Loves to eat, click and enjoy life each day as it comes.

Here some other funny reactions:

I have started a saving fund to buy a caramel popcorn tub at my next movie for my daughter. – Sonia Agarwal Konjeti 
I once took the big Caramel tub at the theatre and guess what ? While the national anthem i dropped it on the uncle ahead ? the best part was, instead of saying sorry, I said “Oh shit my popcorn”.. ofcourse I apologised later?
but can never forget that incident ? was in college back then ! – Shivangi Shah
We get Movie ticket for 120,140,160 rs and Popcorn for 240,260 rs They sould start this now “BUY 2 Popcorn , Get 1 Movie ticket Free free free!!” Selling pop corn is their main moto rather showing movies. – Tanuja Gaikwad
Every time i enter a movie theater, I pretend to be on a “liquid diet” well yes popcorn are healthy but i’d like to stick to liquids, tap water works just fine, thank you. – Konica Bahadur
Buy 1 large popcorn and watch the movie free!
#dealofalifetime #hurry – Saman Khan
One year down the line I see myself there.
There standing inside a multiplex , passing on a big blue note with style ,
Asking for a Large Popcorn with a smile. – Deeba Nair
Ek tub popcorn ki Keemat tum kya jano Ramesh Babu…
Ek family ka full course meal hai yeh pop corn tub, ek Insaan ki monthly salary ka hissab hai yeh popcorn tub. – Monica Wali
Surely you must be also having your funny stories to share with us! Do share your review of “Popcorn in the Movie Theater” in comments!

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