10 Popular Hairstyles For Men 2019 – Mens Hairstyling Trends

10 Popular Hairstyles For Guys 2020 – Guys Hairstyling Trends

Guys are you planning a visit to the barber shop soon? There are many new hairstyling and haircut trends for men this year. popular hairstyles for guys trends include brilliant fresh looks, updated classic cuts and some old time favorites. Popular hairstylists have reinvented men’s older hairdos into fresh looking styles according to the latest trends.

The Caesar cut is updated to crop cut while the classic styles have been updated with new fades like the pomp fade. The new popular hairstyles for guys 2020 range from the classic buzz cuts to tapered crops, fades to textured styles, and top knots to Mohawks.

Let’s review some chic hairdo options for men for your next hairstyling appointment at the salon.

Popular Hairstyles For Men

1. Fade Hairstyle For Short Curly Dreadlocks

Popular hairstyles for guys: Fade Hairstyle For Short Curly Dreadlocks

Give yourself a triple treat with this fresh look men’s hairstyle. This hairstyle combines short dreadlocks that stand up straight, middle fade and cute hair design on one side. Isn’t it a really chick hair style for black men?

2. Tousled Top Celebrity Men’s Hairstyle 2020

Popular hairstyles for guys:  Tousled Top Celebrity Men's Hairstyle 2019

You will find many male celebrities sporting this hairstyle this year. The tousled top hairstyle looks trendy and fashionable. It can be sported for a formal look too. In this hairstyle your hair is cut to show longer tops and shorter sides. Finally style them using little gel in a natural tousled top look. Zac Efron loves to add little spikes to the hairstyle.

3. Back Swept Medium Length Hairdo With Long Fringe

Popular hairstyles for guys: Back Swept Medium Length Hairdo With Long Fringe

The year 2020 is filled with style, trends, and fresh looks amongst men and women alike. Both short and long length hair have a stylish appeal amongst the people. Hairstyles with long fringes are one of the hottest hair trends in 2020.

4. Spiky Hairdo With High Fade And Full Beard Look

Spiky Hairdo With High Fade And Full Beard Look

If you think men’s don’t have many options to style their hair, you’re wrong! Take a look here. Beard look has taken over the fashionista and it looks really awesome. Spiky top and high fade hair look strikingly chic with the full beard look.

5. Ranveer Singh’s Combed Back Hairdo For Stylish Look

Ranveer Singh's Combed Back Hairdo For Stylish Look

Time and again Ranveer has surprised us with his hairstyling experiments. They all look stylish. This new combed back hairdo with long beard and mustache is very fascinating.

6. Chic Updo Hairstyle For Men For Trendy Look

Chic Updo Hairstyle For Men For Trendy Look

Who says long hairstyles look fashionable only on women? Men have long been seen to sport updo hairstyles like women. Here is an example of combed back bin updo with shaved sides and nape. The look is combined with a beard.

7. Side Parted Spiky Hairstyle For Smart Men

Side Parted Spiky Hairstyle For Smart Men

Spiky hairstyles for men are becoming popular in the fashion industry. All you need to do is side part your hair slightly and use hair styling gel to create a spiky look. Adding a hint of color to your hair will introduce charm.

8. Latest Men’s Hairstyle With Quiffs

Latest Men's Hairstyle With Quiffs

Hairstyling voluminous hair in quiffs is a real chic thing. Show off the correct style and attitude with this fancy hairstyle. Lots of volume along with lots of bodies attract attention. This year get yourself a cool makeover with this amazing quiff hairstyle.

9. Loose Pompadour Hairstyle With High Fade

Loose Pompadour Hairstyle With High Fade

Men who have a good volume of hair at the top can easily sport the pompadour haircuts. With a good pair of clippers one can get this hairdo done in style. A fade or undercut at the sides will do the trick. Here the pompadour is accompanied by a clean skin faded undercut and bread.

10. Shahid Pompadour Look With Full Beard

Here is our Bollywood star sporting an equally dashing look in his pompadour hairstyle. Shahid Kapoor in his pinstriped suit and full beard looks so handsome.

Hope these cool men’s hairstyle must have fascinated you. Let these best 2020 men’s hairstyling trend in the next year too.

Vote out for your best hairdo in comments box!!

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