Budget Cosmetics – A Pound-land Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Highlighter Products Review






With so many cosmetic products in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one. So, I decided to try out some makeup products from Poundland- ‘Makeup Gallery’. All the products from Poundland’s ‘Makeup Gallery’ are super affordable. This makeup line offers various products just at £1 for each cosmetic product and hence I thought that I would test some of them for myself.

As I could not find any testers in the store, I picked up three products from the Poundland’s makeup line to give you my honest review.

Poundland: Review Of Makeup Gallery Cosmetic Products:

Makeup Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick- Antique Gold 3:

I purchased this pretty antique gold color. It is actually a deep bronze color with a subtle hint of shimmer. This eye shadow stick claims to be velvety, soft, blendable, waterproof and long lasting. So, I glided it on my eyelids. The stick glided very nicely due to its soft and creamy texture. This eyeshadow stick is very easy to apply. I found that it looks stunning just by itself. It gives a beautiful glossy finish to the eyelids.

In addition, this eyeshadow stick worked as a great eyeshadow base for me. I applied powdered eyeshadow on top of it. My makeup actually stayed good all day without any touch ups even when I was traveling in public transport. However, blend it well or it becomes patchy in some areas.

Rating: 8/10. To buy this eyeshadow stick click here.

Makeup Gallery Good To Glow Highlighting Powder- Pearl Shimmer 1:

I absolutely love highlighters and so I was super excited to try this one.  In the pan, this powder appears very glittery. However, when applied on the skin, it was just flawless. This product is shimmery and not chunky. It is nicely pigmented and gives a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin.

Though it comes in plastic packaging, it does not look cheap. This soft touch illuminating powder is perfect to active radiant glow. The product contains Vitamin E, UVA and UVB sunscreens and does not dry out the skin. It is a good product considering its price. Just blend well!

Rating: 10/10. To buy this Highlighting Powder click here.

Makeup Gallery Chick Flick Eyeliner- Silver Glitz 5:

I picked up this glittery eyeliner. It is quite small in size and I felt that the product was too less in the bottle. The eyeliner was a bit difficult to use as the applicator brush was not that precise and also I was finding it difficult to get much product onto the brush. The product claims that the eyeliner is long-lasting and has intense glitter. When I applied this eyeliner, I found that the product was long-lasting but I was not satisfied with the fewer glitter on the brush.

Rating: 4/10. To buy this eyeliner click here.


Overall I am contented with my purchases from Poundland. I’m in love with the Highlighting Powder. Just like other brands in the market, I felt the highlighter and eyeshadow sick were on point. However, I personally did not like the eyeliner from this makeup line. I haven’t tried all the stuff from Pounland’s makeup line. But on the basis of my experience with respect to above three products, I would recommend this range if you are in search of affordable products with good quality.


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