5 Pre-Workout Meals And Snacks For Men Before You Hit The Gym

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Nutrition plays an important role for men whether you want a regimen for overall fitness or build a more muscular body shape. Our body is just like an intricate finely crafted organic machine that requires food as fuel to maintain your health. The type of snacks you choose before you hit the gym should give you enough energy for workout but not fat that adds on to your belly. Pre-workout snacks should be light, burn excess fat and build lean muscle.

Below we have put together 5 scrumptious meals and snack items for your pre-workout needs. You may tailor the combinations to cater to your needs and taste buds.

Here’s what you should eat before going to the gym:

Berries And Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great idea for those who love to tint at the gym early in the morning. Including steel-cut oatmeal in your diet will retain more essential nutrients. Complex carbohydrates and fiber rich oatmeal will keep you sated for a longer time after breakfast. Combining berries with oats will provide support your body during daily workout routines.

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Go Green With Tasty Salads

Go beyond eating cucumber and cabbage. Be adventurous to make your salads interesting and tasty. A delicious and colorful salad will look appetizing and also adds a health benefit. Toss some lettuce, iceberg, spinach and purple cabbage to your bowl. Slice some carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes to it for color and power. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium will prevent muscle cramps.

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Yummy Yogurt

Many experts say using skimmed milk yogurt is beneficial but a few nutritionists do recommend whole milk yogurt. Why? Because it tastes a lot better and the little fat will aid absorption of calcium into the body. Customize your cup with variety of berries, fruits, granola and more.

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Delectable Hummus

Hummus is a super healthy Lebanese food made up of chickpeas – the power house of protein. They contain boost of vitamins also. Instead of having handful chickpeas raw or boiled, try making tasty hummus with multi-grain breads before your workout.

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Fiber Rich Fruits

Fruits are full of fiber and vitamins thus eat them whole, avoid choosing juices. Peel up a fresh orange or a grapefruit and eat out the sections with joy. You may club these fruits with cereals or oatmeal if you like it that way!

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Indulge in munching on these healthy meals before your workout routine.

Eat healthy!! Stay in shape!!

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