Prince Harry Engaged To His American Girlfriend Meghan Markle

prince harry engaged

He is the Royal Prince with a flame hair and she is an American actress. And they both are taking the British monarchy, one of the most conservative of institutions into a modern era as Prince Harry Engaged to Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. He is the fifth in line to the throne. He is now engaged to his American Girlfriend Meghan Girlfriend as announced by the Clarence House earlier yesterday.

Prince Harry used to be a bit wild at his young age, but has now managed to emerge as the most popular Royal of the Britain and is also in many social activities.

The pair has been dating since more than a year now and there have been a lot of speculations regarding their relationship to which they have put a full stop now.

Prince Harry Engaged

Earlier this month, at the Nottingham cottage in the Kensington Palace, while they were preparing roasted chicken together, Prince Harry got down on one knee and proposed her with a ring and it was just they two and Prince also said he managed to surprise her with this proposal.

The Clarence House announced this engagement earlier yesterday with a tweet

They Come Together For The First Time After Getting Engaged

Britain’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle have come together to explain and reveal their relationship hours after their engagement was announced.

Harry said that he got to know that she is the one the very first time he met her. However he didn’t describe the proposal elaborately and when asked in particular whether it was a romantic proposal, he replied with a yes. Even Meghan expressed her happiness to the media.  They also said that they are looking forward to having children very soon.

And the wedding may take place this coming spring.

How They Met

They met on a blind date together which their mutual friend had set them for. And later they went on another date as Prince Harry invited and asked Meghan to join him in Botswana.   

The Ring Story

The ring that Harry used for proposing Meghan is designed by him. It has a large diamond in the center from Botswana. The couple had a special connection with Botswana. The ring also had two small diamonds on both sides of the large diamond that belonged to Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

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Will Meghan Be A Princess?

According to Royal family traditions, those who were born in the royal family were the only ones to get the princess status. So Meghan won’t be getting that Princess tag.

But however it is known that Queen Elizabeth will name Harry, the Duke of Sussex when he marries Markle and then Markle will be the Duchess of Sussex.

And here is how the former American President Barack Obama tweeted congratulating the newly engaged couple.

And as Prince Harry Engaged, here are some tweets from the Royal family

We Wish This Newly Engaged Couple Lots And Lots Of Happiness.

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