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Meet Prita Yadav, author of KLASS: A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Lifea story of a girl whose life changes forever because of an unexpected twist at her school.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a sports freak and enjoy playing all outdoor sports, especially hockey. I have played hockey for Maharashtra state and Pune district. I am also a big cricket fan and watch mostly all Indian cricket matches. I enjoy reading fiction books and watching rom-com movies.

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Did you always want to be a writer?

Honestly, no. Writing happened because of all the hockey experiences. I just wished to write them down somewhere and hence started writing.

What inspired you to write this book?

I grew up reading Enid Blyton books. One night in the year 1999 I finished reading ‘Last year at St. Clare’s’ and wished Enid Blyton would write another sequel to the Clare’s series. That is when I was inspired and thought “Why not write a book about my own hockey experiences mixed with school incidents?” Obviously KLASS (Kanchansingh’s Lessons and Sports School) in inspired by my school days, but with a dash of fiction. Also, I wish to motivate people to follow their passion in life, and that is how KLASS happened!

Who was the first to read your book? What was their first reaction?

All the books I have written till date (published + unpublished) are all read by my close friend Rino Radhakrishan, who also happens to be the critical editor of all my books. Her first reaction was a proud smile, obviously; followed by various suggestions which were extremely helpful.

In India where academics is considered the most important aspect in the educational journey, how do you think your book will impact the current education system?

I honestly hope my book ‘KLASS : A man is lifeless without a passion in his life’ impacts the current education system. As the story revolves around a sports school where sports is the major focus, I hope the education system starts giving more importance to sports at grass root level itself so that students can follow their passion right from childhood. Today, India is flourishing in all types of games and I frankly feel if coached and polished in childhood days, India can do much better in sports.

Tell us something about the protagonist ‘Jolene’ in the book.

Jolene Jordan is a feisty, rude, care-a-damn attitude girl who does exactly what she wants without bothering about the world. A sudden twist in her life makes the girl change over a new leaf and Jolene then settles down to enjoy and appreciate KLASS.

If you were a man, would there be anything different about your book?

Laughing heartily she replied – Maybe my protagonist would be a male in that case, highlighting the issues of a guy in a sports school.

What are your next literary plans?

I am currently writing the sequel ‘A star in the making’. It should be released early next year.

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Stylewhack team wishes Prita all the best with her new endeavors!



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