“Har ek friend zaroori hota hai” these lines became rage few years back and although clichéd still remains relevant in almost everybody’s life. As is commonly believed that “No man is an island of himself”, which essentially translates to the dire need of friends in our life. When chips are down and the world seems to be bludgeoning its expectations on you, you need a friend who can pep you up and share the pressure. If you have many friends like that in your life, then you can really thank your stars. Having said that we would like to extend the cliché at bit further “har ek friend zaroori hota, but PUNJABI friend must hota hai”. Why we say so? Well Punjabis need no praise for their enthusiastic love for just about everything in life.

Punjabi friends will be the most hilarious people having knack to lighten up any situation and to celebrate life! It would not be an exaggeration if they are considered the most prolific lovers of life and that enable them to remain jolly all the time. Their “happy go lucky nature” is contagious and that is the reason we feel that they are a must in your friend list. Just minus that one PUNJABI friend from your life and you would have missed so much.

Other than their jolly nature we will tell you what else makes them so special to be missed:

Best people to hang out with
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“Crazy” is the word that best describes a Punjabi. Yes these people are insanely crazy which makes them best people to go out with. They will make you do all the crazy things which you otherwise won’t think of doing. They have unrestricted personality keen on hammering the conventions and exploring the unexplored. With them we bet you will do many new things in your life which otherwise would have escaped your imagination.

Punjabi parents are the coolest
punjabi parents
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Cool as ice yet hot as pepper”. Punjabi parents are warm and super cool. Their love transcends the orthodox boundaries of caste, creed and religion. They do not weigh anybody on the scale of compatibility; rather they make you compatible if you are not. They have this special expertise of engaging you in conversation even if you were complete strangers few moments ago. If you happen to visit their home you can certainly feel the warmth which makes you feel at home. They make you feel so comfortable. You can share you deepest secrets with them as though depositing your precious legacy in some bank-locker.

Punjabi weddings are grand
punjabi wedding
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Weddings and Punjabis are made for each other. They always have larger than life weddings. Best food, fashionable attire, classy jewellery you got them all under one roof. Their weddings are like a fashion parade. And how can any wedding finish without dancing to the beats of Dhol. No wedding is complete until we do the bhangra. Bhangra is one form of dance which does not require training before, just raise your hands and do some jiggy-wiggy, voila! There you go.

Fashion and Punjabi Friend can be used as synonym
fashionable punjabi
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Punjabis are the most ferocious fashionistas. There love to put on air, makes them the most sought after people in the friend circle as far as fashion is concerned. Want to know what is in vogue, just call your Punjabi friend and you will have most comprehensive advice on contemporary sartorial trends. Punjabis are unique in a sense that they mesh simplicity so beautifully in fashion that they never look over-dressed. Most importantly your Punjabi friend won’t shy away from giving one of their dresses to you.

Your personal DJ
personal dj
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It is very difficult to find any Punjabi without love for music. Punjabis and Bhangra are synonym and both depend upon peppy music with lots of beats for their survival. They have the finest playlist in the group. They will make you listen to all the cool numbers to lighten your spirits and enliven your mood. It’s beyond contention that good music is the best stress buster and undoubtedly Punjabi songs are best in this business. So guys, go ahead and get a Punjabi friend to say good-bye to stress and welcome life full of music and masti.

Say Bye to Sadness
bye bye sadness
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Jokes and Punjabis are inseparable, that is world known fact. What is not known is the facility with which Punjabis can laugh on themselves. They have impeccable comic timing which can transform the most melancholic situations to the lighter ones. It is difficult to find your Punjabi friend wearing a sad look because they are loathe to forgo all the fun and frolic which life offers and that is why their company is addictive as they dethrone sadness from your life completely.

They got your back
got your back
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Being bullied!! All you need is a Punjabi friend. Descendant of martial lineage these fearless fighters are the strongest repellents for bullies and rowdy elements. Their inclination for justice and fair-play make them an indispensable asset in anybody’s friend list. Moreover, they will surely encourage you to stand up to the bullies and rogues boosting your self-confidence and that surely are a big lift anybody can get.

They are colourful, jolly, loud and crazy but most importantly friend with a golden heart. Have fun with them, party with them but just don’t take PANGA with them. With a PUNJU friend by your side you are destined to have a good life.

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