15 Questions That Will Get Your Kid Talking Freely About School

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How often do you hear one-word answers such as “Good”, “Fine”, “Nothing” or “Ok” from your kids after they return from school? It’s a common complaint of many parents that their children do not open up or talk freely about their school. Getting your kids to start talking freely might be a task for many parents. Then how can one get a sense of their child’s life at school? Ask questions other than “How was your day?” Ask them something that can elicit a more open-ended conversation between you. Talking to kids about their day is a must as it helps you to stay well connected and offer encouragement to your kiddo.

Let’s see a few questions that you may try to start conversations with your child –

#1 What made you laugh in class today?

questions 1

#2 Who did you play with today? What did you play?

questions 2

#3 Who did you sit with at lunch? What did your friend bring in his lunch box?

questions 3
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#4 Did anyone cry in class today? Why?

questions 4

#5 Did you help anyone at school?

questions 5

#6 With whom did you share seats in school today? Would you prefer switching seats and with whom?

questions 6

#7 Did you have fun doing math (or any subject) in class today?

questions 7

#8 Did you learn any new words or phrases in school today?

questions 8

#9 How is Viraj (his bestie)?

questions 9

#10 What made your teacher smile today?

questions 10

#11 Was there anything the you didn’t understand when teacher taught in class?

questions 11

#12 Did you ask questions to your teacher?

questions 12

#13 Did you tell “Thank You” to anyone today?

questions 13

#14 Did you ever feel unsafe at school?

questions 14

#15 Teach me something I don’t know.

questions 15

Sometimes as parents you need to open up yourself; set examples from your day at work to encourage children to speak up about their lives too. Serve your kid as a role model and you’ll definitely notice the difference!!

Share with us your experiences while initiating conversations with your kids.

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