Quirky Bans around the World!


2015 saw our government ban everything from Maggi, to beef, to documentaries to even porn for a brief period. And as the world sat up to debate if our country had just turned the clock a century back with these bizarre bans; did you know we aren’t the only ones with such quirky bans.

Here’s some reprieve as we continue to shun our leaders over social media for the quirky bans they introduce!

No “Blue Jeans” in North Korea:

korea no blue jeans

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Blue jeans are banned in North Korea as ‘blue’ seem to symbolize the US imperialism. So toss out those blue jeans if you travelling to North Korea.

No “Flip-Flops” while driving in Spain


If you plan to drive along the Spain coast during your vacation, make sure you have packed a pair of shoes as driving in your flip flops is a strict no-no in Spain.

No “Time-travelling” or “re-incarnating” in China

China seems to have a thing for banning something that merely exists. So don’t even think about the possibility of time-travel in China let alone watch movies that feature time-travel. And if you plan to reincarnate choose a different country else seek a prior permission. Not sure how this actually works!  

No “Drying up” on the Autobahns (Highways) in Germany

Make sure you are fuelled up for the entire journey while in Germany, cause stopping on Autobahn in Germany is not allowed and if you do run-out of gas, you cannot even walk to get some refill as walking on Autobahns is also prohibited. Oh are you in a pickle now!

No “Unique” Baby Names in Denmark

The Danes can name their babies only from an approved list of 7000 names. If you wish to name your baby anything else, you need to seek an approval. Yeah now try naming your kid “Tiger Shroff” in Denmark!

No “Western Hairdos” in Iran

So if you wish to bend it like Beckham with the ‘spikes’, make sure you are not in Iran. Spikes, mullets, pony tails and certain other hairstyles are banned in Iran.

No “Ketchup” in France


As a move to promote the authentic French cuisine and to cut down the consumption of junk food, Ketchup is banned in school and college cafeterias in France. We pity the poor kids!

No Samosa or Sambusas in Somalia

The Islamic extremist groups have banned samosas in Somalia as the triangular food seems to symbolize the Christian Holy Trinity. Probably we need samosas in crescent shapes here!

No “Gambling” for Monaco citizens

Even though Monaco is known worldwide for its famous Monte Carlo casino, if you are a citizen of Monaco you cannot gamble here!

No “Lip-Synching” in Turkmenistan

Creating a dubsmash video in Turkmenistan can lead you in deep trouble as the government has banned lip-synching terming them as an “unnecessary evil”

No “Dying” in the Houses of Parliament in UK

This one takes the cake; anyone dying in the Houses of Parliament is entitled to a state honor funeral. But since the government did not want to deal with many state funerals they brought in the law to ban anyone from dying in the Houses of Parliament. Though the ban has been lifted now we still wonder how a dead person would be prosecuted for breaking the law!



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