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Rabindranath Tagore, the man with a wisdom and a primary crusader amongst the pre-independence era who broke the myth about India in the outer world.  The myth that India doesn’t has the capability to do everything.  Here are few unknown facts we all never knew about our very own GURUDEV!

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  1. Rabindranath Tagore was a polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music. The man who reshaped and rejuvenated the Indian Art with Contextual modernism.
  1. He was the first Non-European to get the Nobel prize in literature but neither as a Bengali nor as an Indian but as an “ANGLO-INDIAN”.
  1. The Nobel Prize for literature was never accepted by GURUDEV directly, it was accepted first by a British Ambassador on his behalf and was delivered to the poet at Calcutta.
  1. Tagore was a Brahmo!
  1. He wrote national anthems for not only India and Bangladesh but also, for Sri Lanka. He wrote the anthem in Bengali but later, when the country got its independence it was translated into Tamil by changing few lines it was officially taken as the national anthem for the country.
  1. Did you know that the national anthem “JANA GANA MANA” was the opening song for the Congress session in 1911 and only later it was adopted as the national anthem for the nation.
  1. He was the second after Swami Vivekananda who addressed the World-Parliament of Religions for twice in the year 1929, 1937.
  1. Tagore has contributed a prodigious output approximately of 50 dramas, 100 books of verse, 40 volumes of  novels and shorter fiction.
  1. Gurudev was severely critical of the Indian caste system.
  1. Tagore became reverence due an ancient teacher. He wrote in Bengali but translated much of his work in English.

Happy Birthday to the virtuoso and the patron of arts.

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