10 Super Crazy Racing Movies Every Car Fan Must Watch!

Must Watch Movies For Every Car Racer Fan


Racing movies are a must watch for every race lover. While there are many Hollywood movies that make our heart skip a beat, racing movies take their own stand in the entertainment biz. As we are ready to go racing movies once more, here I have the list of 10 super crazy movies that every car fan must watch:

Cars, 2006

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John Lasseter went to many Grands Prix in 2006 to advance the film… not that he expected to. Albeit based around NASCAR, Lasseter was sufficiently dedicated to incorporate voiceovers for imperative parts from well-known racers in every field in order to give it significantly more interest.

Cannonball Run / Cannonball Run 2, 1984

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Awesome fun, still 33 years after the fact, and, obviously, the start that lit the fire of Gumball and the various supercar street races that have jumped up as of late. Excellent fun and silliness.

Bobby Deerfield, 1977

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It most likely tries to be somewhat extremely significant, and all things considered, comes up short. It’s an uneasy watch, yet in the meantime unusually convincing. The racing movies are perfect.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, 2006

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An awesome sideways take a look at NASCAR, Talladega Nights turned into a religion ideal in the racing group practically finished night. It’s a comedic perfect work of art of total silliness.

Days of Thunder, 1990

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Let’s be realistic. It’s essentially Top Gun with cars. It makes a definitive Hollywood gaff of dropping down a gear to go for the pass, yet it’s quite recently so impressive.

The World’s Fastest Indian, 2005

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Alright, not entirely a “racing” film, but The World’s Fastest Indian deserves a high charging on this list. The film is the genuine story of Burt Monroe (Hopkins), a New Zealander who set the land speed record on a 1920 Indian motorbike in 1967 at Bonneville.

Winning, 1969

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Like Bobby Deerfield, it’s a racing film where the racing plays second fiddle to an individual story, and simply like Bobby Deerfield, the story doesn’t exactly attract you.

Le Mans, 1971

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It’s a work of art, however, the script is terrible. It’s one of the best racing films at ever made. Filmed delightfully, Le Mans gives over an extraordinary impression of the worry and feeling of racing at the highest levels.

Grand Prix, 1966

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It’s interesting how many people still slag this film off. Truly, it’s crushingly long and yes the story and script are the little bit dodgy. Cameos from all the real drivers of the day, unbelievable race footage and racing around the Monza banking.

Rush, 2013

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Rush is, essentially, the best racing movie ever made. Racing fans have been holding up 50 years to see, potentially significantly more.

We bet you will super-like all these 10 movies only if you are a true Racer Fan.

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