Fitness Tips from 13 times Ironman Finisher – “Kaustubh Radkar”

Kaustubh Radkar

Here are some fitness tips for joggers and runners from none other than Kaustubh Radkar – 13 times Ironman finisher!!!

How to choose right running shoes for runners

Here’s how your running shoes should fit:Shoes








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  1. Wiggle Room – You should have about a thumb’s width of room between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  2. Hold It – Look for a secure, comfortable fit through the midfoot. Imagine a hand gently holding your foot in place.
  3. The Heel Deal – There should be little or no slipping at the heel.

The biggest mistakes runners make while buying the shoes:

  • Stop buying shoes for looks, just because you like a colour or a deisgn doesn’t mean the shoe is right for you.
  • Buying shoes that are too small. “Tight-fitting shoes lead to blisters and black toenails and that kind of thing. Women in particular are used to wearing their shoes close-fitting, as they’re often more self-conscious about the size of their feet.
  • Assuming your size. “People assume that a size is a size—that an 8 in a Nike will be the same as an 8 in a New Balance. But sizes differ because of different lasts (foot forms), the different shape of the upper, and the way the shoe is stitched together.

Diet for Runners







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I don’t believe there is one set diet that gives great results, these days you have people going crazy with fads such as organic, gluten free, vegan, the latest one “keto” so on and so forth.  Honestly, for me unless you are allergic to something, its always best to get natural supply of all essentials that include: fruits, veggies, dairy, meat, oils (yes olive oil), or good fats. What I tell people to watch is their portion size, and also their dessert intake. With endurance training managing your protein, vitamins and minerals along with hydration is key.  The word supplement means in addition to something you can’t get, so use them wisely.

Day prior to event

prior raceThe biggest mistake people (runners) make is that they spend too much time socializing either at the expo or post with their friends, its best to limit your time on the feet this day. Get to the expo early eat a good lunch, get a good nap and put your feet up till dinner. Another myth is this carbo loading business, best to stick what you eat typically and are used to than trying something new night prior to race. I have done plenty of races with roti-sabji, dal night before with good results. Watch your hydration this day, people (runners) tend to get too tense and indulge in caffeine, instead stick to an electrolyte drink and water, avoid too many sugary or aerated drinks this week as they will dehydrate you.

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Walk or Jog








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As soon as you are done with your event, head to the hydration table and start drinking water + electrolyte. If you are feeling cold, see if the organizers have sheets for you to wrap around, and head to the food tent to eat. People tend to wander around socializing neglecting to eat. After eating, find friends and socialize while stretching or eating. If event has an massage organized get it done, head to the hotel and eat a sumptuous lunch. The entire day take care of your hydration, a good way to check the colour of your urine, if it’s yellowish you are dehydrated. The next day don’t sit at home, thinking you did a big event, instead do an active recovery by going for a walk/jog and add some gentle stretching post, this will help in recovery.

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