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Are you one of those who shelter your kids when the weather turns? Or do your kids get bored and restless when the climate out gets wet and whimsy? However, instead of heading indoors find some interesting and fun ways to enjoy it with your kids. Celebrate the monsoon showers with amazing rain play with your cuties. There are several wet playoffs you can play or you may just put on your rain gear singing and dancing around in the backyard. The visceral experience of bad weather can be the most adventurous and memorable. So come out of the sheds, wet yourself and enjoy the rain play before your cooped-up kidos get jaded.

Sailing A Boat

Everyone young and old enjoy the old school time sailing paper boat games. You can make colorful boats and race it with other children. You can also use pine cones and small plastic balls to sail on the rushing waters.

Sailing paper boats
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Water Balloon Baseball Splashes

Get set wet-y, with this lovely water balloon game. Splash these balloons with baseball batter and play exactly the same way as baseball. Keep your eye on the ball and strike for fun loving rain day experience.

water ballon baseball
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DIY Homemade Rain Gauge

No need to step out of the house, if it’s raining cat and dogs. Teach your kids to make homemade rain gauge from waste plastic bottles. Place them in the garden and measure how much it rains. Isn’t it a cool idea?

rain guage
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Puddle Jumping Rain Play

Wear your rain gear, mud boots, and have a blast splashing your feet into the muddy puddles outdoors. It’s a classic rain-day fun activity since generations. Surprise your kids by joining them in this jumping exercise!

puddle jumping

Singing In The Rain

Share a movie scene by Gene Kelly with your kids, rush outdoors, sing and dance in the rains. Relax and relieve all stress with the flowing water. Let kids get wet to their hearts content, later go inside dry them and sip some hot chocolate! Warm and Yummilicious!

singing in rain

What have you thought about an adventurous rainy days? Do you want to embrace the inclement weather and have fun or let you kids complain about getting bored while at home? Don’t watch dozen of movies on such a thunderous day; celebrate the changing weather with fun! Go, run, push, play, and enjoy together!



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