Exchanging numbers with a girl in your college is difficult but exchanging numbers with random girls is super-difficult! Even if you are the coolest Dude in your circle, the idea of picking up stranger girls will make you anxious. Let’s say you can easily mingle with random girls on tinder but trust me it is not easy to do so on the streets of Mumbai. Girls of Mumbai are real smart and making them like you is no piece of cake.

Guys, start taking notes because this guy picked up random girls by singing songs and he did this like it was his daily job.

Before you start doing the same, let us warn you first: You should have a melodious voice otherwise you will piss her off.  Funk You–a collective of lighthearted youngsters–has compiled a string of clips in which this guys is seen making random girls blush.

Well, all thanks to this guy for showing the right path to every lonely guy out there.

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