15 Rare Historic Photos That You Must Definitely Take A Look At

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History has remained the most boring subject for most of us! But what if we told you that this post will be one of the most interesting historical readings of your life? Yes, right here we will transform the dry facts from the history textbooks and your imaginations into a pictorial series. Photos bring life even to the most boring books in town. It will show you some rare historic moments closely and more intimately. The amazing historic photos from India and across the globe will stun you!

Sit back and take a look at these rare historic photos –

1. August Landmesser folded his arms refusing to do the Nazi salute back in 1936.

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2. This is the first underground train journey started at Edgware Road Station, London in 1862.

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3. An extinct species of zebra – The Quaggas

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4. Mahatma Gandhi old picture when he was in South Africa in 1900.

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5. The iceberg – Grotto was brilliantly captured during the British Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1913 by photographer Herbert Ponting.

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6. Kathrine Switzer was obstructed by the race organizers from competing in the Boston Marathon. She became the first women to finish the marathon race in 1967.

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Image source

7. The first McDonald’s outlet in the world.

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8. Real Native American couple posed for a photograph.

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9. Can you guess what Gavaskar is checking inside the silverware? The pic was photographed at the joyous moment when India won World Cup in 1983!

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Image source

10. The21-year-old, Sarla Thakral was the first Indian woman pilot in 1936.

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Image source

11. The first Marathon ever at First Modern Olympics Games, Athens in 1896.

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Image source

12. Nikola Tesla Sitting behind his “Magnifying Transmitter” in his laboratory.

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Image source

13. Two geniuses from the world come together in 1930 – Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein.

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14. The establishment of Google was captured here.

historic photos 12
Image source

15. Lokmanya Tilak was honored to be cremated in padmasana position, a distinction given only to saints.

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Hope you have enjoyed these awe-inspiring historical moments!

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