There comes a time in everyone’s life when everyone around you starts distancing themselves from you. Before you realize what went wrong in your relationship, it is already too late. There is always something about you that makes you unattractive. There is a great chance of you unknowingly repelling the people around you.

No one is perfect but sometimes that ‘less than great’ version of yours can create an unwanted negative space in other people’s mind. Here are some things you need to keep in check to maintain the comfort level between you and your loved ones.

1. Self-centeredness
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First you will say this is a common thing to remind you, but a lot of people are still guilty of this even when they are in a regular conversation. Everyone likes to share their own experiences but doing so you should not steal other’s spotlight. Check yourself whenever you start something with an “I”. Get yourself out of that “me” trap!

2. Over-Competitiveness
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Some say that competition is to motivate the people around you. It can be true for work place but it does not always work with your loved ones. If your friend is not so good in football and scores a goal, and you respond with “Oh yeah, I scored three goals”. Well, that is just being overly-competitive. Instead you should appreciate his effort. There is no need to act all rough and tough every time you do something!

3. Overly-talking about other people
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There is no need to mention that funny prank you did with that friend of yours over and over again. This applies to both your lover and your best friend. For example you are on a romantic date with your girlfriend and you start your never ending story about the fun stuff you do with your friends. Sometimes you don’t notice that but the frequency of you talking about other people is huge.

4. Ignoring inner beauty and focusing on outside beauty
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Solely focusing on a person’s outside appearance and ignoring the inner beauty of that person is highly unattractive. Check yourself if you are always asking your loved ones about their job status and things they own. People will appreciate it if you will try to connect with them from inside. Don’t be like an old fashioned Indian relative and stop asking people about their work life every single time.

5. Unreliability
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No one likes a person who never shows up when he is needed the most. Not being a man of your words is the most unattractive thing. When someone needs your help, they should be able to trust your words. Not being reliable is not valuing other people’s time.

Being yourself is the most important thing but checking some of these qualities will make you attractive and most importantly a better human being.

Deep is a Journalist who loves a good debate. Reading political stories is his area of interest. He seeks amusement by watching standup comedy and sitcoms. Deep is intensely passionate about sports, especially FOOTBALL. Food inspires him to travel places. When it comes to writing he takes his own time waiting for inspiration, though his mother calls it procrastination!


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