15 Red Hair Coloring Ideas For Women – Discover The World Of Colors

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Red hair color is trending in the fashion world! Many of us have at some point tried this color. There are many shades of red you can try depending on your original hair color and skin tone. What did you try for? A copper red tone, lighter red balayage, multi-hued ombre effect, dual-toned burgundy shade, all bright red hair, or just a few streaks of the color? These colors will add a wow factor to your looks.

Red Hair Coloring Ideas For Women

You may style your hair in various styles using red dye. Discover the world of red-haired women (of course, not the natural redheads) with us! So, here are 15 Red Hair Coloring Ideas for Women.

1. Pink Red Hair Color With Mohawk Hairstyle

What can be edgier than a shaved Mohawk plus spectacular pink-red hair color! Women are accepting bolder fashion styles to recreate their appearance.

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2. Super Short Curly Reddish Orange Hair

Are you under the impression that curly hair cannot be cut short and styled without being boring? You’ll see you are absolutely wrong! The blazing reddish orange shade will surely look captivating.

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3. Rink Red Hair With Yellow Highlights

Color your blonde hair perfectly with this combination and feel the difference. The pinkish red hue with yellow accents looks smart and super fashionable. You may slightly curl the ends for a fancier effect.

red hair 11
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4. Deep Red Hair By Ariana Grand

Celebrities have taken hair coloring to the next fashion level. The deep red hair gives you an edge with a subtle look. This hairstyle is perfect for those long lustrous tresses you’ve got!

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5. Fiery Red Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

Beautiful long, voluminous hair can be styled in this elegant and pretty updo. Beautiful hair updos look attractive at wedding occasions.

red hair 9
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6. Go Burgundy Red

Celebrity Rihanna colors her curly tresses in burgundy for a red carpet event. Don’t fear if you have darker skin tone, just follow Rihanna’s sense of cool fashion statement.

red hair 14
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7. Unique Short Red Hairstyle For Women

Now this one is really alluring, isn’t it? This uniquely cut hair adds a badass appeal to your personality.

red hair 2
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8. Beautiful Red Ombre Hair

If it is bold for you to go all red haired, start with a beautiful scarlet ombre effect. From red roots to copper yellow wavy ends your ombre hair looks fab.

red hair 10
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9. Funky Feather Highlights In Red

Be bold! Be fashionable! Adapt to a newer look like this one.

red hair 15
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10. Amazing Red Braided Hair

Braiding your hair is considered new chic but coloring the braids red is chicer fashion! Braids can be fun even when you have shorter hair.

Amazing Red Braided Hair
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11. Messy Layered Copper Red Hair

Chop your hair into layers, color them copper red and leave them messy for a cool look. The vintage look can be worn on any patterned dress for a beautiful appeal.

Messy Layered Copper Red Hair
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12. Dual Toned Red Hair Coloring Idea

Deep brown and dark red make an amazing combination for straightened hair. The frontal fringed look terrific.

Dual Toned Red Hair Coloring Idea
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13. Bright Red Dip Dyed Hair

If its your first time with hair dyes and you’re not okay with all colored hair,  here’s what you can do. Just dip dye your locks with a red tone and leave them open. Viola!!

red hair coloring ideas
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14. Casual Copper-Auburn Back Swept Curls

A long wavy hairstyle can be adorned with copper-auburn hair color for a sweet casual look.

red hair coloring ideas
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15. Reverse Sunset Ombre

Try a reverse ombre and become a real show stopper at any event. Go blonde to bright red for a stunning sunset ombre look.

red hair 13
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Inject some color into your personality and life!

If you want to share your red-colored hairstyles with us, comment and post your pics below!

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