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Reservation – A Boon or Bane for the Development of Indian Society

Reservation is a hot topic today. From teachers to politicians, from students to employees, every profession is jolted by the reservation system. India, being a developing country is facing many challenges and presently Reservation System is one of them. Essay on the reservation is vocal many times but without spreading its effect.

Reservation History

What is reservation system in India?

The system finds its origin soon after Independence. The main objective was to provide increased opportunities, enhanced the social and economic status, and well being of the underprivileged class popularly known as Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC).

Uplifting their lifestyle to make them a part of Indian mainstream society was a very good contemplation to eliminate discrimination.


Dr. Ambedkar, at the time of the framing constitution, had demanded 10 years for reservation system until equality is enforced in the society.

Reservation Impact

But today the meaning of reservation has changed drastically. Reservation in India essay are presented for better understanding but politicians continue to support it for their party’s benefits, students and parents continue to support it for the guarantee of a better college with lesser fees, employees continue to support it for a quicker promotion!

The people suffering from reservation systems are the ones belonging to the general category. Students having a better score and eligibility fail to get admission to a prestigious college as a student with a lesser score and a reservation fills that seat. A hard-working employee is curtailed from promotion as it’s given to somebody having less qualification but being from a reserved category.

reservation impact

In Higher Education Institutions (IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, etc.) and government postings, 22.5% of available seats are reserved for SC and STs, 27% are reserved for OBCs and the remaining 51.5% for general category leading to exasperation among students, medical doctors, government employees and the public in general. India must be the only country where people fight to call themselves as ‘Backward’ as they say!

Reservation System in India Good or Bad

Economically and socially we can divide our Indian society into many classes. Among that medium income and upper caste, low income and upper caste are the sections that are suffering the most and remain frustrated about the reservation system. It’s a bane for them. They neither have money nor reservation for basic amenities.

For high income and lower caste, medium-income and lower caste, reservation is a boon. They have all amenities; in fact, many lead a luxurious life but still enroll themselves for reservation and make use of its benefits polluting the mere concept of reservation.

Reservation system in India good or bad

Low income and lower caste are the ones who actually need it but most of them are either unaware or not bothered to make use of the facility. Essay on the reservation in India surely makes each and every Indian to understand it better.

Is it required?

Reservation is definitely required but not for the people with lower caste but for the impoverished. Handicap, soldiers’ family, senior citizens, Kashmir migrants, people with very low or no income are the ones who should be supported by their loved society by ensuring a seat reserved for them if they are inclined and adhered to work and study.

reservation boon or ban

It should not be enforced based on caste/religion, minority/majority as it is happening now and causing a major hitch in development.

Progress is Impossible Without Changes

It’s time our government should bring in a big change in the reservation system ensuring India’s progress and we being the citizens of India should understand ‘It’s not our right, its just a privilege we are being endowed with’.

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