Among many people who don’t have any concern for the humankind, there are few who care. Otherwise, what else do you think can be the reason for this world to survive through the hard times and the terrible darkness it faces due to the unethical and inhumane conditions created by us? We call ourselves as the citizens of a modern era, and at the same time, this modern era has lost its human touch, the only characteristic which makes them different and most importantly, a Human!


Well, the distinguished ‘humans of nature’ who are rare but have an existence, we are blessed to be living in a ‘Kalyug’ where the good-doers still exist. With almost a sluggish growth in the literacy rate  of India which makes it the world’s top most nation with highest number in illiteracy, India’s children are still unable to reach to schools due to their low monetary family conditions, there are many policies which were launched to benefit the children of India, and the result weren’t as successful as it should be, but don’t you think there is something much bigger than ‘launching policies’ where we as a human are lagging?

To us, we got the answer to our question from the people at ‘RHYTHM OF LIFE.’

YOUTH, who were in their mere 20s nurtured a beautiful initiative and founded a non-government organisation in the year 2011. Coming up with the plain and simple intention to help every child reach his/her maximum potential Rhythm of life has happily managed to complete its successful 4 years of social contribution and a recorded development  of expansion to over 3 centres with 350 students backed by a steady team of volunteers and mentors.

At Rhythm of Life, they have a clear motive of improving the living standard of the young underprivileged population for their better participation in the socio-economic system. With their aim of fostering these youthful nascent minds into confident and self-reliant adults through a specially designed curriculum: ABC (Activities Based Curriculum). The basic ethos underlies that every child has a right to a bright and dignified future. These children belong to different low-income societies of Delhi, within the age group of 6-16 years who lack guidance and seriousness in education.


Having a motto of “learning without burden”. RHTHYM OF LIFE manages to make  an interactive process of learning and teaching techniques like theatre, dance, music, street plays, experiments, art and craft, games focused on communication and much more. They conduct sessions 6 days a week. Experts of diverse fields conduct and monitor all the sessions. A dedicated team of volunteers work relentlessly for smooth facilitation of all activities.

RhythmStylewhack congratulates the people at the RHTHYM OF LIFE for their selfless effort and clean intention to make this society a better place to live in. To know more about them, you can like their facebook page here, and can connect with them to be an active volunteer for a great cause.

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