The Person Who Makes Begum Jaan Look So Beautiful and Intimidating – Rick Roy


The designer behind the authentic look of Begum Jaan is- Rick Roy. It’s certainly evident that Rick left no stone unturned to transfigure his passion into work. He is known as a designer for glitzy outfits from the fact that he has worked for Sonam Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan in the popular songs- Anarkali Disco Chali from ‘Housefull 2’ and Fashion Khatam from ‘Dolly Ki Doli’. Quite clear that Rick must have faced certain challenges while designing outfits for a historic film since he has his hands on designing flashy outfits.

“Challenges were many while doing this film. But I guess the biggest was time management. Dividing time between research designing and producing the designs for both clothes and jewelry was a big challenge. But I had a great team, a very supportive director and producer and the cast members. So it was okay. We managed pretty well.” Said Rick Roy.


Begum Jaan is based in Punjab and is the Hindi adaptation of National Award-winning Bengali film ‘Rajkahini’. If the film is the Hindi adaptation of the Bengali film, then the clothes must have to be somewhat similar to the original film. But, Rick- an amazing personality, did not watch the film because he did not want to get influenced by the original.

“Even though the storyline is similar, Rajkahini and Begum Jaan are two different films. Rajkahini was shot in Bengal whereas Begum in Punjab. Also, Shrijit told me not to watch the original and tell him what was coming in my mind just by reading the script.” Said Roy.

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Now have a look at some of these interesting pictures that depict how much hard work the workers had to undergo-



Vidya is seen displaying some astounding jewelry in the film. Rick used her vintage jewelry for the aging with a mixture of potassium and other chemicals to take away its luster and make it look ancient.

Begum Jaan


Vidya Balan wore unironed clothes in the film. It was her idea of not ironing the clothes because she had seen old people washing the clothes and putting them under the bed to make them flattened. “Vidya doesn’t interfere with anything but she will think about every aspect of the character.” Rick Said. Also, Rick scanned through a lot of books and his friend’s grandmother suggested him that at that time women wore lungis.

ChunkyApart from Vidya Balan, all the male characters also were dressed beautifully. Chunky Pandey, who plays a villain in the film, is seen bald, with kohl-lined eyes and tobacco-stained teeth. It was impossible to recognize chunky in one watch of the trailer.


Salim played by Sumit Nijhavan was also a character I loved dressing and he looks menacing enough in the film. He plays a Pathan, Surjit aka Pitobhas was the easiest one to dress. He wore a lungi and gangy or a fatua throughout the film and this is what his character demanded”, said the amazing Rick Roy.

When asked about doing the historic film again, Rick said, “ABSOLUTELY. Any day. This was an awesome experience and I am so charged up that I would love to do another period film after this as soon as possible.”

Team Begum Jaan

Begum Jaan TeamThe film is hitting the theaters on April 14 and we can’t wait to watch such a momentous film wherein the characters are donned in some amazing outfits designed by Rick Roy.

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