Rick Roy Brings Fashion For Real-time People Through Tumhari Sulu

Rick Roy 4
Vidya Balan as Tumhari Sulu

Tumhari Sulu is scheduled for release mid of November, 2017 and its trailer has already created a stir in people’s minds about the concept of the movie. Sulu is a character played by none other than the gorgeous Vidya Balan who portrays the role of a simple homemaker. Sulu’s RJ avatar is most awaited performances of this year. The film and Sulu’s – Saree Wali Bhabhi’s – look is creating buzz all around the industry and viewers. Although the costumes are designed for a commoner – simple sarees, which is the dress code for most women in India, Vidya sets a sizzling note when she goes on air for her radio show – Saree Wali Bhabhi!! Rick Roy is the mastermind behind the creation of these simple costume ideas for Vidya.

Rick Roy 1
Costume Designer Rick Roy (L) and Director Suresh Triveni (R)
Let’s take a look at the ideation or motivation that inspired Rick to come up with such simple yet fashionable costume for Sulu.
How Did Rick Decide The Commoner Look For The Film?

According to Rick Roy, it’s a challenge to get the right kind of look for a film like Tumhari Sulu where costumes should be simplistic yet catch the attention of viewers. Designing dresses for a commoner look with a style statement could be a task.

Rick was clear about the kind of look he wanted for Sulu. He stated, “I wanted Sulu to look relatable but her clothes should have an individualistic stamp of Sulu in them.” He made his team to handcraft almost 85% of the clothes that Vidya Balan wears in Tumhai Sulu. They picked up staples like shalwar kameez, dupattas, and even table cloths and stitched them into beautiful sarees for the role. These turned out into relatable yet uniquely designed clothes that featured Sulu as middle class women. He says, “It was fun doing this.”

Rick roy
Adorable Vidya Balan

He also gives some part of the credit to his Director Suresh Triveni who narrated the character so well that those ideas just flew in! This led to the fashionable and statement look portrayed by Sulu!!

Rick mentions, “I love Suresh my director, he is one of the nicest human beings i have known. Thanks to him the whole set was like a Suraj Barjatya movie; everyone loved each other. Suresh is not only a good director but genuinely a wonderful person and I totally loveeeee him for that!”

Rick Roy 3
Suresh Triveni praises Rick for his contribution

Body Shape And How One Can Look Fashionable – Take of Rick Roy

Rick believes that prettiness doesn’t lie in the size and shape of the body. And also that being fat is no where connected to not look fashionable. He comments, “I am honestly fed up of fashion and style being equated with size of a person. It’s ridiculous!! Beauty has nothing to do with size and I have always believed beauty can be in any size from 2-20.”

The fashion industry has made everyone believe that a person below size 6 looks stylish and sexy. The others need to change and be slimmer to look gorgeous. There are many women who are unhappy with their figure and the industry pushes them under pressure to loose some more inches.

Rick Roy 2
Vidya Balan dances gracefully in her gorgeous saree

While communicating with us Rick remembers the song ‘Morni Baaga Ma’ from Lamhe where Sri Devi looked stunning and no one even cared about what size she was then. But now if we were to look at the same song we would realize how big a size the gorgeous lady was.

The saddest part is the way we judge beauty based on size!!

Tips For Middle Class Women To Dress Up In Style

When budget is not a bar there are many ways to create a fashionable and stylish look that grab the eyeballs. When there are no cinematic liberties the only way to look fab is being confidence and cutting you a bit slack. “It’s not the status – middle class or upper class – that actually matters to look fantastic,” said Rick. Infact he believes that accepting imperfections is the key to achieve the world. It is ok to be bloated and not be perfect always.

Rick is of the opinion that the type and size of clothes never defines a person. Don’t ever think that one can look pretty only in a certain kind of clothing or if he/she follows the trend in the industry.

“You need to mold style to fit you and not mold yourself to fit in a style!!”

This is the magic mantra of Rick Roy for looking good and stylish!

“On a practical note its important to know what to hide and what to highlight in any size. That’s another key to looking good all the time,” adds Rick.

rick roy 5
Saree Wali Bhabhi

Watch Tumari Sulu Trailer Here.

Rick’s Viewpoint On #Sareeswag (India Today Demeans Saree)

Rick Roy, the famous costume designer thinks it’s ridiculous to make fun or demean a saree because its worn by atleast 65-70% women across the India. Though it’s draped in different ways, it’s still essentially a saree. He is of the opinion that Indian women look stunning in sarees and that it also enhances the curviness of her figure. A saree outfit brags many compliments to the wearer. Moreover, it is comfortable attire and women wearing them to work not only look fabulous wearing it but also kickass in what they do.

Rick roy about sareeswag

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Ah! These are some magical words and ideas from Rick Roy who swears to mold the costumes to fit into your size!!

Isn’t it inspiring for all you gals out there??
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