Wearing a perfect jeans not only provides you a proper comfort it also ensures that you look younger and beautiful! It brings out the best curves in you and makes you feel more confident. On the other hand a wrong jeans makes you feel low, uncomfortable and makes you look a lot elder than you actually are!

There is a perfect jean for every body type. Know the styles, brands which fit and flatter and you will look thinner, smarter and younger.

  1. If you have a TUMMY

Go for a medium rise jeans whose waistband comes till your belly button. This helps in covering the problematic area.

Style: Miss Bennett London High-rise Jeans;Sizes: 28 to 34;
Price: Rs 1899; Website: www.jabong.com


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  1. If you are STRAIGHT up and down

A skinny jean highlights a curve less body. Instead go for a loose jeans; it provides a good illusion. Or choose an oversize top with a skinny jean.

Style: Tanisshi Fashion Blue Denim Jeans Sizes: 26 to 32;                                        Price: Rs 1799; Website: www.snapdeal.com


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  1. If you have a PLUS SIZE

Go for jeans which has a rigid fabric and fits well and does not stretch more; this will make your legs look thinner. Also, the rise at the back should be more than the front rise. This way the waistband wont cut the body at the widest spot. Tummy coverage with few layers or with a loose top helps.

Style: 311 SHAPING SKINNY JEANS (PLUS); Sizes: 24 to 34;                                    Price: Rs 2899; Website:www.amazon.in


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  1. If you have a BOY shape body

Many women with this body type have a flat butt and hence it is important to choose a pair of jeans that creates a bit of curvier silhouette and highlights the best asset. Go for jeans having the rear pockets a little higher than normal making your rear look rounder. An extra stitching at rear adds up to your curve.

Style: Levi’s Blue High Rise Skinny Jeans;  Sizes: 25 to 35;                                        Price: Rs 3199; Website: www.jabong.com


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  1. If you have LONG LEGS

Lucky you! Many Denim designers are making jeans with 36’’ inseam now. Go and try out for all designs and style that works best for you. Boot cut jean would be our favorite denim cut for you. Also, choose a jean having low rise.

Style: Dickies Women’s Relaxed Boot Cut Jeans (B00KT1AQG8_12); Sizes: 24-34;   Price: Rs 3852;Website:www.amazon.in


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Show off your shape in the best-fit jeans and be all day fit and comfortable.

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