Things are not looking good at Rio Olympics

Ten days have passed since the start of Rio Olympics and Indian contingent is still struggling to win their first medal. Medal or no medal, the hard work put in by our athletes is worth appreciating. Choosing an Olympic sport as a career option is not easy in India. These athletes train for 8 hours a day to qualify for Olympics. Most of the athletes come from the most remote areas. It is not a hidden fact that India does not have a proper policy to build talent and infrastructure to develop a solid base for the Olympic sports.

Despite these hardships, athletes put their lives to qualify for Olympics and represent their country. Finally after qualifying for the Olympics they have to follow orders from ministers who themselves never in their life played a professional sport. There has been a similar story in this Olympics. To know what we are talking about read further.

Thanks to Vijay Goel (sports minister), India got admonished in Rio.

He is the one stealing the spotlight from Indian athletes, be it spelling wrong names on twitter or travelling with his outsized delegation. He got it all wrong when he posed for a selfie with an exhausted Vikas Krishan (Boxer).

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He wanted a photo with Women’s Hockey team, so he entered a restricted area without permission. That’s when Rio panel lost their cool and gave him a warning in writing. According to the warning, any further indiscipline could cause disqualification of Indian contingent.

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We wonder if he mistook Brazil for India and then he thought ‘Who cares, let me take a selfie first’.

Along with Vijay Goel travels his unnecessarily extra large group of authorities from IOA (Indian Olympics association), who have found a new partying place in the name of Rio.

One of them is Raninder Singh, who is the President of national rifle Association of India and also the son of Congress’ chief ministerial candidate in Punjab, Amarinder Singh.

Look at him work Hard

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Then there is Abhay Singh Chautala, son of former Haryana Chief Minister, OP Chautala. He is also having a good time in Rio, while out on bail in a disproportionate assets case.

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Well no one has a clue, how he ended up in Rio.

According to the sources, India’s chief medical officer at the Olympics, is a radiologist called Pawandeep Tony Singh. When athletes are consulting him, his only solution to all pains is a Combiflam tablet.

This is the background reason why a largely populated country like India is struggling for success at the global sporting stage.

Despite all this, our athletes are delivering inspiring performances and they do not deserve anything less than our praise. It is pretty much clear that, it is the failed system which is the main hurdle in India’s sporting success.

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