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High time we get responsible while celebrating religious festivals, is the underlying current in Riteish Deshmukh’s new video Thank God Bappa. The video is produced by Genelia Deshmukh and directed by Kapil Sawant. It is brought to us by The Mumbai Film Company and Star Pravaha.

Thank God Bappa song throws light on how the real meaning of worship has been lost in the very loud and public celebration of the Ganapati festival. In this very catchy song he says, Thank God, the God whom we worship to is not like us at all. Riteish says that we cheat our God when we call him for blessing, but all we present to him is a circus of faith.


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In a monochrome frame, Riteish Deshmukh, along with some adorable little Bappas are thanking their stars that our Bappa is nowhere like us. He does not differentiate on the basis of money, class, background, faith or even on the basis of our belief on him. He does not ask for people to stand in the lines for worship. All he looks for is a pure heart. Even though all we have done is distributed him on the basis of Mandals and areas. All he does is bless us without any demands. For however long we ask him to, he graces our homes.

After the 10 days of the festival, it is indeed a pitiful sight to see the great Bappa in bits and pieces scattered over the shore. And yet he forgives, forgets and goes through this tamasha all over again the next year. The heartening message is put forward in Marathi, but the subtitles and the music make it an instant hit through all languages.

The video has got a lot of praise from the industry.

This is what the B-town celebrities had to say in response to the song:


It is a great message just at the beginning of the Ganapati Festival. It is time to save the Savior from us!


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