One Road Trip, Bengaluru to Paris – The Adventurous Baids Family


Wanderlust is a bug that stings almost every one of us. Some of us do pack our bags and leave while many others make up excuses for not being able to. But there was one family that shut all of them up with the most adventurous trip of all times. The Baids, who call them the Little Family of Indian Explorers (L.I.F.E), traveled all the way to Paris from Bengaluru on a magnificent road trip. They traveled in one single car for over 22,700 kms, across 50 cities and came back with memories enough to pass down for generations!

Here’s a short video based on the incredible road trip that the Baids went on!

Anand Baid and Punita Baid, along with their two pre-teen kids Yash and Dhriti, set out in April and returned 111 days later. The idea struck to Anand when he quit his job and Punita also had some time off. So they packed their bags, polished their Fiat Linea and set out on the road to actually live life.

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They took the traditional silk route covering Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain which culminated in France. They had to exchange many mails with various embassies that were going to fall on their route and finally set off to create history. On this amazing journey they met different kinds of people, saw places they never thought they would, did things some people only ever dream of. Wow! This family is giving all of us some serious life goals to be achieved.

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Of course the journey wasn’t easy. Since they are vegetarians, they did find it troublesome to find food sometimes but they actually did carry a stove around to occasionally cook. The trip was fun for the adults but imagine how awesome it would have been for the kids! They traveled to places they probably never even read about in books, met so many people, said hello to the diverse cultures that exist around the world- all this at such  young age!

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So guys, if you have been wanting to travel for sometime and have been making up silly excuses, you have got to learn it from the Baids. They are a true inspirations and clearly define ‘You only live once’! Way to go L.I.F.E!



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