52 Weeks of Adventure: Week 39 – Rock and roll, the 60’s style baby!


Last week we had a blast from the past at the Gold Coast Toastmasters Club as we celebrated it’s 55th birthday with fun, potluck and dress like 60’s theme.

Now, one of the biggest questions I had was what to wear for the occasion as I had no clue about the 60’s. I tried asking my mom about 60’s in India and she was not a help at all. Sujoy asked me to wear a saree and go as saree has been an integral part of Indian culture since a very very long time. There was no way, I was going to wear a saree for sure. So, I settled down for a cute frock with a little bright color to suit the occasion.

Then was the question of what to prepare for the potluck. I have another friend Trupty staying in our Community and also a member of this Toastmaster Club. So I bounced the idea of preparing something together for the potluck and she immediately said yes. With a lot of discussion, Trupty came up with ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ (a dessert prepared from carrots, milk, sugar, clarified butter, nuts and raisins) suggestion. So Trupty was the master chef and I was her helper. After a tedious 2.5 hours of standing and stirring, finally we had a delicious gajar halwa ready.


When I entered the Club room that day, Oh my God…I was blind sighted for a second with all the bright colors flashing everywhere 😉 We even had a bright screen to emphasize the 1960’s effect.

The 60’s Style

And then everyone started pouring in. Hippie hairstyles, blonde wigs, unnaturally colored jewellery, hip bags, shiny bandanas. You name it and all of it was there. All the glitter and jazz of the 1960’s.



We are a bunch of diverse people from different age groups in this Club and yet on this day everyone seemed to have evolved from the 1960’s. The carefree atmosphere and the scintillating energy made it such a lively and vibrant occasion. Of course, Patty Antolik’s ‘something’ mixed cookies also might be the reason for our carefree gait 😉

The program itself was intellectually stimulating with speeches and contests designed with the 1960’s themes.

We had a wonderful potluck lunch and some getting together. Everybody devoured our gajar ka halwa. We had some wonderful time chit chatting and mostly hogging.

The Food

foodAs the meeting ended on a high note of vibrancy, here are two things which will always stay in my heart –

The Club presented $300 to Rich Otten for covering his expenses for his work at the Gavel Toastmaster Clubs. Gavel Clubs are for those unfortunate strata of the society who are in the prisons and serving their sentences. Some one going out there, reaching out to them and helping them grow – My respect! Every human being has a right to progress and I for sure was touched with this concept of gavel club and moreover with the kind gesture of our club. Respect and Salute!

60'sThe second thing which really touched my heart was that the Club decided to have the party at the Club itself to make it affordable for everyone. Initially it was supposed to be in a hotel. I for one was happy that it was at the Club. More than the expenses part, being at the Club in the comfort zone of all others in a friendly ambience is so important. The Club thought about its members and that is what made all the difference at the party. I doubt if we could have been able to be so carefree at a hotel set up. It was a very small gesture on the part of the Club, but trust me spoke volumes about our attitude 🙂

So yes, overall it was a fun evening. Kudos to Gold Coast Toastmasters! Kudos to Toastmasters International! Kudos to every Toastie who is on the journey of self improvement!


She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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