Sachin Tendulkar Urges Passing By Motorists To Wear Helmet

Sachin Tendulkar

Most of the people in India are least concerned about the road safety measures that need to be taken while on roads. India records the highest number of accidents every day. The Government and various organizations are running various campaigns to bring awareness among the citizens, but the people are not taking the campaigns as seriously as they should have been considered. Sachin Tendulkar can always be seen taking this as an initiative and trying to educate the riders about road safety measures. He is even associated with a few campaigns.

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Earlier actions by Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar known as the God of cricket had posted a video on his Instagram account yesterday alerting the riders to wear the helmet. This is not the first time Sachin is seen trying to bring awareness about road safety, earlier this year in April, he posted a video in which he can be seen advising the riders to wear the helmet.

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Details about the latest Instagram post

Sachin posted a similar video in which he can be seen urging the passersby both the riders and the pillions to wear the helmet. Unlike the riders in the earlier video posted by the cricket legend in his Twitter account this time the riders are seen wearing the helmet but Sachin suggested the pillions to wear helmets as well.

In the year 2015, over 5 lakh road accidents were reported in our country. According to ‘WHO’ the riders who don’t wear helmets are 40 % more likely to suffer a head injury. Wearing helmet is considered as a must in defence areas.

Despite various measures from the Government, the results cannot be found. Let us hope and wish this initiative by the Cricket God will bring safety awareness among the public.

You are given only one chance to live this life, so to live it to the fullest you need to be safe on road.

Wear Helmet!!!!!!

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