Special tips when you visit Salons and Beauty parlor

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Salons and parlors are our routine visiting place, where we go for grooming and get our monthly beauty boost. There are few glitches we face but definitely we ignore them. We all know that we spend a lot of time as well money over salons and parlors. Today we are here to guide you with few take care tips which will surely give you value for your money as well as after your session you will be satisfied with your service and outcome.

Many salons take a big fat amount for various facials treatments, hair treatment, and many more services, but do have a check, they might con you and compromise quality of work. This has been observed majorly in local parlors but surely more occurrences are also seen in professional parlors too. Below is some important check list for every lady going to salons or parlors.

Speak To Your Beautician About What To Do And What Will Suit You

Beautician are best when you will speak to them and help  them understand what you want. They will surely guide you about what suits your face, skin and look. Be very clear in your thought, if you are confuse convey them, they definitely bring a deal breaker.


Understand process your Beautician going to use to Complete your Grooming

May it be spa, skin treatment, facials or clean up. Before starting understand what process your beautician is going to follow. Also keep a note of it as they may miss few steps in process to manage their time.


Salon Facial Room

Always have a check on your facial room, take 5 more minutes in room to just check if all good. Also check the ambience, as you are going in to relax, if it is clumsy, noisy and unhygienic just move out of it.


Hair Wash Tub Care

Consider haircut, hair spa, hair treatments, hair coloring, etc., you are made to sit on hair washing chair. Take care that your neck is hold properly with head supporter, towel cushion or sponge. If head not hold properly you will have lower head pain for few days. Do take a check next time.

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Insist Using Clean Comb and Other Grooming Accessories

Make sure all accessories used to groom are clean and hygienic. This helps you to not pick up any infection.


Ask your Beautician to Use Clean/New Sponge for Cleaning Your Skin

It is observed that salons reuse cleaning sponge for wiping face-pack or skin, which was used for others before. In salon various types of client come who might have skin infection, acne, pimples, etc. So next time, make sure they are using clean or better new sponge for your skin.


Check Products Used For You

Let it be professional, renowned or local salon, you should always check products before use. Many times salons commit some products and apply different ones. Just ask them to show you what they are applying.


Hope these tips will help your next salon visit more satisfying and fruitful. Have a happy grooming session.

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