SaReal Pact – A Pact Securing Our Tradition of Sarees Through social media and real-life!

The SaReal Pact

We all are aware of the fact that Saree is an integral part of Indian culture and has been flourishing since 2800–1800 BC. The Saree has more importance than just being a piece of cloth, every saree has its own story to tell.

Over the period of time saree has evolved. Earlier the saree was a three-piece affair, which comprised of Antariya, the lower garment; the Uttariya; a veil worn over the shoulder or the head; and the Stanapatta, a chest band.

Evolution has brought in picture various materials, patterns, styles of wearing saree.

indian saree

The SaReal Pact – A unique group on facebook is making a buzz among Saree Lovers. This Pact was initiated by three strong women who have made Saree a serious affair in their life. What differentiates this group is that it’s not just about flaunting saree, but their motto is to form Real relationships and give back to society. Payal Talreja, Annapoorni Trichur and Sheetal Mehta Vyas get candid with Stylewhack and their stories about sarees, the SaReal Pact group and more. Dig in below to get to know some really exciting details about the group and Sarees.

The thought behind The SaReal Pact  

We have always thought that among various groups on Facebook related to sarees, there was some missing element. Payal says, “I, in particular, was sure that there WAS a way that women could connect and engage in a REAL way, in a more positive and enabling way and what’s more is that they could use that connectivity to do something for less privileged women.” Annapoorni says, “I could always sense the potential for a strong sisterhood that went beyond just pics of us in Sarees. We were also very keen on channelizing this group force towards giving back to society”. Sheetal adds that “Sarees, connecting ‘real’ women with their stories and going a step further with the spirit and attitude of giving back to society, Giving is better than receiving.”

What does SaReal Pact signify?

This beautiful trio added – The SaReal pact signifies a REAL connection with each other where online friendships are translating into real-life friendships. It is a safe space where women share their lives and learn from each other. It’s also a pact that commits to charity. We share recipes, movies, books reviews, parenting, health, nutrition and other issues, We have fun with games, debates and discussions.

It is a platform that gives its members space and forum to share real stories, stories that are an integral part of themselves. The SaReal Pact has a clear vision to have the rare ability to stay true to our convictions, not get judgemental and create bonds of friendships and sisterhood through our drapes.

What is a saree for you?

Really beautiful lines by Payal, “For me a saree is an Indian woman’s unique salute to her country. It mixes love and appreciation for our heritage and the wonderful crafts that abound while creating a strong individual entity.”

For Annapoorni it an ensemble of Love.

Sheetal adds, “A saree for me is unbeatable elegance! It epitomises a milestone in history, be it style, textures, weaves or drapes. It appeals to my mindset and makes me feel gorgeous, a step closer to my ancestors who wore just sarees with such ease and élan.”

chikankari-saree- modern

Their view on the comparison between western wear and Saree 

“A saree is just amazingly versatile, sexy and makes just about anyone look good regardless of weight, age or wealth. Which none of the western garment does! “
– Payal

“I have worn Sarees with a plaster on my leg, jumped short walls when in a saree. I have seen my Amma and Paatis wear a saree 24/7, with no particular discomfort!”
– Annapoorni

“What comparison? “
– Sheetal

Are men allowed in the group, as out there are genuine men who love and wear saree irrespective of their sexuality

We respect men who love sarees, but The SaReal Pact group is solely for women as we are unashamedly and unambiguously providing a women’s space. We provide a platform where women open their hearts out. Their comfort level is our first priority. At the same time, as a team, we are not sexist. We interact with men who enjoy draping sarees and encourage articles by men entrepreneurs who have abundant knowledge about weaves, weavers and craftsmen on SaReal.

Evolution of Saree-Do you think that saree has undergone evolution 

Saree is one clothing which is able to evolve and at the same stay with it’s roots. From patterns of wearing to wearing it with anything like a tank top, bikini, shirt, etc, saree has shown many colours of it and still many more to unfold.

new gen saree

New generation and their inclination towards sarees 

Sarees are so versatile and thanks to the virtual medium the young generation who are gregarious, more innovative, forward-thinking in their ideas the saree has taken a leap forward with a fun and quirky creations! Different websites and blogs have budding youngsters who create style statements with sarees.

Fusion sarees – New trend in the market

They are peppy, quirky, stylish easy to drape or wrap around. Fusion sarees are getting popular among designers as they seem to craft out of their collection lines. The blouse makes a huge difference be it a crop-top, T-shirt, or Indo/western blouses! These out of the box creations give an instant elevated fashionable look, thus making it Fusion wear.

Your dream saree and whether you possess it?

Payal: “None, I love them all”

Annapoorni: Actually, yes. Lucky me. I wanted a pen Kalamkari saree with Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati on the pallu. This year, made that dream a reality.

Sheetal: A Kotpad from Koraput and a soft cotton Paithani from Yeola.

The best thing about a saree:

“Any time, anywhere, any occasion wear. Everything! It’s a celebration each time.”

SaReal and giving Back to Society

From the time we started the SaReal pact, we were determined to give back to Society. Fortunately, Annapoorni and I had the same bent of mind. We felt that all of us were hugely privileged and we owed it to ourselves to step beyond the comfort of our narrow lives. Donation is an important tenet of the SaReal Pact.

We have three donation drives a year.

The first two are simple – collect sarees and donate to the needy. This may be combined with donations of food or medicine. Last year we donated over 250 sarees to Goonj of which 70 were brand new.

The third donation drive is to celebrate the SaReal Birthday we had a week-long auction. Sarees were generously donated and even more generously bid for and bought by members.

I am proud to say, that sarees worth 2000 bucks were sold for 5000! the idea was to collect money for an old age home (The Nest) run by the Priyadarshini Seva Mandal.

This home in Hyderabad supports destitute old people who have no family support. We had a target of Rs. 80,000/- but we collected over 3 Lakh Rupees thanks to the generous SaRealistas.

This year we have given the ‘controls’ to each ‘City’ to choose its own charity, We feel this will promote ownership and involvement. In November we shall repeat the Auction – we had great fun raising the money and wore our saree Sakhi’s sarees with pride.

saree fabric

The future prospect of The SaReal Pact

We want this group to empower, support and create space for every member. Giving, together to the society. We see it as an opportunity to grow social values while enhancing interest in our tradition for the generations to come.

Stylewhack team wishes The SaReal Pact success in growing and flourishing beautiful community of sarees and Saree Lovers!!

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