Twitterites Slam India Today For Sharing A Video That Is Demeaning Saree

India Today

India Today the popular media group in India has been in the row of creating controversies many times in the past. They even got slammed by the External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj for a false and mischievous report.

It seems the media group has decided to add another feather in its cap of controversies. It shared a video yesterday that says Wearing a sari to your office is one hell of an uphill climb.

Saree has always occupied a special place especially in the hearts of the females in India and it is a part of Indian culture. But India Today doesn’t seem to have any special respect for the traditional Indian attire and mocked about the hassles that are supposed to accompany while one wears a saree.

The media group in that video that created controversy showed wearing a saree will be difficult for climbing the stairs and using the loo. The video also claimed that one who wears a saree gets ogled by the co-workers and will look like a neighbourhood aunty.

This kind of a negative depiction by the popular media group has created uproar among the public and many Twitterites have shown their anguish on Twitter against India Today

And some other Twitter users vent out their anger by sharing some success stories of women wearing saree

Hope the people of that media group learnt a lesson and have known the importance and elegance of saree for an Indian woman and like that Twitter user even we feel this occasion had created a chance to witness beautiful pictures of the women in elegant sarees.

Saree is elegance, Saree is classic and not discomfort like they tried to put in our minds. Even you feel the same? Share your opinion with the hashtag #sareeswag and do share it with us.






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