SBI Logo Over The Years

SBI Logo Over The Years And The Meaning Behind The Logo

State Bank of India, India’s largest public sector bank. Have you ever thought of the meaning of the logo or ever wondered what it actually means? If you haven’t tried it and don’t know about it so far, then you should go on reading this article to know a few things about the SBI logo.

SBI - State Bank Of India History

SBI is an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services company. It is a government-owned corporation with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. When you just think of the roots of this SBI, you need to head back to the 19th century.

State Bank of India used to be the Imperial Bank of India until July 1st, 1955. SBI provides a range of banking and financial services through its various branches all over the country and even around the world. The Government of India acquired the stakes of RBI in State Bank of India in 2008.

The current chairperson of SBI is Arundhati Bhattacharya became the first woman Chairperson to be appointed for SBI. She has been appointed as the chairperson of State Bank of India in 2008.

SBI Logo Over The Years

So, just like its own journey, the logo of SBI also had gone through many modifications to get the logo that it currently owns. So, let us now take a look at the different SBI logos over the years.

Sbi Logo

This is the logo of the Imperial Bank of India that is before its name turned to State Bank of India in 1955. This may not come under the list of the SBI logos but as it is the same bank before it has got the rename, we thought to show you the logo of it as well.

This is the first logo of the State Bank of India after it has got established. This emblem was adopted in 1955 and the big banyan tree on the emblem signifies its strong roots and branches growing in all directions that depict the growth, success, and stability of State Bank of India.

1st Logo of SBI

Here is the current logo of SBI. It is designed with a blue circle with a small cut to the center of the circle in the bottom.

Shekhar Kamat, a former student from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad designed this logo. It was unveiled on July 1, 1971, on the SBI inaugural day of SBI central office in Bombay.

SBI logo 1

The big circle in the blue colour of the logo means unity and completeness.

The white colour in the keyhole represents the common man and represents him as a vital part of the bank despite the bank that is the blue colour circle here.

The white part in the logo looks like a keyhole which represents safety, security, and strength.

Another interesting fact about the SBI logo is that it is inspired from the Kankaria lake in Ahmedabad. Just try zooming in the Google maps, you will find the SBI logo. Take a look here.

This is the transformation of the SBI logo over the years. We hope you had known the history of the logo of the largest public sector bank in the nation.

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