Scarf Styles: 5 Different Ways To Carry Scarf In This Coming Winters!!

Quick Scarves Style For Coming Winter!


Do you wait for winters just to slay with different scarves styles but ends up with normal two to three styles? If yes, then don’t worry! We all desire to be one out of the line and there’s nothing wrong in doing that. Say No to wearing same scarf styles this winter and bring the creativity out from you. Here are 5 quick scarf styles we’ve taken up for you!

1.   Knotted Necklace Scarf Style

This style, from the series of Necklace look styles, is quite easy to wear even by not-so-fashionable kind of girls as well.

knotted scarf styles
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Quick Guide To Put This Style:

Swaddle the scarf across your neck from back to front direction. Hold one end of the scarf and wrap it around your hand, pull a little to make a perfect loose knot. Now, take scarf’s other end, pass it under the loop made and pull instantly through the side knot.

2.  Rolled Loop Scarf Style

Girls who are looking forward to carrying scarf decently without many efforts can try this style!

Rolled loop scarf styles
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Quick Guide To Put This Style:

Simply wrap the scarf around your neck and hold both the ends to pass over the neck loop.

3.   Classic Pull Through Scarf Style

We call it Classic because of its simple yet classy look.

scarf styles 4
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Quick Guide To Put This Style:

Layer the scarf in two equal parts. Take half folded scarf behind your neck and hold both ends in front. Pass the loose end of scarf from the loop and you’re all set to slay!

4.  Double Loop Scarf Style

One of the trendiest look anyone can have with forming two loops.

Double loop scarf styles
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Quick Guide To Put This Style:

Wrap the scarf twice around your neck with forming loops at the same time. Pass one end through the neck loops and then simply tie both ends together.

5.   Knotted Shawl Style

Oh, graceful look just by tweaking the way you wrap your scarf till now.

scarf styles
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Quick Guide To Put This Scarf Style:

Drape your scarf around your body like a shawl and tie both down falling ends at the back. Pull your scarf slight downwards, if the knot is showing at the back.

Embrace your scarfs fashionably by trying these quick styles!

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