Second Date Ideas: 25 Irresistible Ways To Ignite Your Relationship

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Now that you have sailed well through your first date it’s time you play creatively while planning the second one. Second date ideas can range from a traditional dinner to snowboarding and from attending a food festival to burlesque show.

You both have a chance to explore each other, get your chemistries in the sink and have fun. Look for ideas that will spark up the performances leading to dates three, four and more!

Any guesses what will it be?

Don’t freak out!

Second Date Ideas

We have got you covered here. Here’s a list of post-debut or second date ideas that will keep the good times rolling.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking will make your date completely adventurous. It is the perfect opportunity to get along with your partner and showcase your team spirit to achieve goals. Besides, you’ll have a fun-filled evening and enjoy the sunset ones you reach your destination.

Rent Bikes

Renting bikes can be a great way to explore in and out of the city or the countryside. You may also plan a competition and the one who wins decides the plan for the evening. You can choose to ride on open roads or more shaded trails.

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Grab Brunch

Dinner dates might be so obvious for your spouse. Try something new this time. The second date can be less stuffy with a lot to do in the day to follow. Go for a day date and grab some brunch at a good restaurant nearby.

Set Up A Bonfire

Here’s one of the most enjoyable second date ideas for chilly weather. Set up some bonfire in your backyard or campsite. Load some snacks and drinks, and spend a romantic night with some soulful music.

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Visit Flea Markets

Yard sales and flea markets are great places to start dating. If you guys have a bug for finding cool stuff at cheaper rates its best to explore such places. Walk around the neighbourhood hands in hands.

Kick Back At An Arcade

Loosen up and create some fun-filled atmosphere while you date at an arcade. The interactive session will ease out things between the two of you. Time to cheer out guys!

Play An Outdoor Sport

Are you guys sporty enough! Challenge your partner for an outdoor game. Select a game which you both can enjoy. Hit up the basketball court or toss around a frisbee on the beach. It’s a rocking date idea!

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Go Wine Tasting

Look out for a brewery around you. Grab a drink and toast to your relationship. A wine tasting experience can be a great endeavour where you’ll learn about grapes, bouquets, vintages, and each other.

Cook Together

Were you bonded together on a food treat on your first date? If yes, then a second encounter can be something simpler yet foodie. Create a delicious meal together and find out your compatibilities working together. A little flirting at this stage is of course allowed.

Hit The Slopes

Do you live in a mountain clad region? If it’s winter the beauty of snowy peaks will be mesmerizing. Going for skiing or snowboarding gives a thrilling experience and is one of the ideal second date ideas for you.

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Play Pool

This is also one of the cool fun play second date ideas. Head to a bar with a pool table and challenge each other a few games. You may also play dart or foosball and get on with flirty conversations there.

Horseback Riding

You might be done riding bikes or going for a car drive with your loved one. Now you can hit the forest trails on horseback. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Go Dancing

Get to the dance floor and rock the evening. Even if both of you are terrible dancers, you’ll surely spar some romance into the air. Hip-hop or salsa any style might do the trick.

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Plan A Carom Tournament

Plan a night at your place playing board games. Set up tournaments and play all night. Spend the time trying to beat each other, keep the score and whoever loses picks up the tab.

Take A Long Drive

Choose a destination – may be your hometown, a restaurant, or a beach – and drive off for a couple of hours. Make a lovely playlist for your road trip, pack some healthy snacks and chocolates, and do let the emotions and conversations flow.

Try Zombie Paintball

If you want to impress your guy try boosting his adrenaline. Set out for some more adventure. Try paintball or laser tag or something similar. We bet you’ll get the score.

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Looking to set out for something really romantic? What can be better than staring at the stars under the dark blue sky? Carry your beverages and snacks to keeps you full.

Check Out A Museum

Explore the galleries of museums together. They will keep you entertained for many hours together and later you can get a chance to share your knowledge about history and facts.

Make Ice Cream Together

Make some ice-cream together and remember those old school days. This super sweet treat will fill up your relationship with sweetness and love.

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Get Lost In A Corn Maze

Navigate through a corn maze together to create some real fun and excitement on your date night. Get lost and found with your partner; have fun!

Enjoy A Concert

Is music the love of your life? Pursue attending a concert or local music listings in your town. Music creates wonders to spark up relationships. Enjoy it!

Check Out A Burlesque Show

Are you looking up for some sexy setting on your second date? Check out a burlesque show if you’re kind of a racier person. Note: it’s not a cool option for those who blush easily.

Go Apple Picking

Heading out for a daytime date, are you? Consider some seasonal fruit picking. Apple picking can be serious fun (just make sure you’re not caught red-handed in else’s farm).

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See a Stand-Up Comedy Show

Release your endorphins while you check out a comedy show. Stand-up comedy can be very relaxing and entertaining. Later you can set out for a romantic dinner date.

Attend The Food Festival

Want a foodie treat and none of you want to cook a meal? Hunt down a food fest near you and explore the goodies of taste while you enjoy each other’s company.

Which one of these second date ideas you’ll pick to discover details about your partner? Let us know in the comment box below.

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