5 Best Selfie Apps of 2017 To Step Up Your Best Shots

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Have you wondered how this six-letter word “Selfie” has become a part and parcel of our lives? Whether you love it or hate it, taking selfies is a fact of modern lifestyle. The self portraiture has been on everyone’s minds from the social media news feeds to profile photos and from ones smartphone gallery to huge picture frames in the houses. We are so much obsessed with taking selfies that you’ll see them everywhere. But frankly tell us, how many of you actually upload those pictures over the web without editing them? Beautifiers, filters and photo editors in the selfie apps make our selfie more appealing, beautiful and flattering.

The additional tweaking of our photos is taking us all on a dreamy ride of self esteem and beauty.

Here are 5 best selfie apps of this year that will step up your pictures to the next level:


If you have only used your Instagram app for adding filters to your photos, it’s the right time to take a step further. Retrica features amazing real-time filters ranging from saturated hues to retro effects that enhance your photo effect. Select from amongst the various classic vignettes and collage features that will help you capture the perfect moment!

Retrica is available on Android as well as iOS phones.

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YouCam Perfect

This is the best app for a selfie lover like you! All you need is to download it and use the bunch of beautifying tools available in the app. The app comes with features like beauty effects, object remover, light adjustment, face reshape, stylization and more. It allows you to remove blemishes, eradicate wrinkles and fine lines too.

YouCam Perfect is available on Android as well as iOS phones.

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Photo Editor By Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary offers many effects and filter options that can be useful for tweaking your selfie shots. The photo editor allows you to stylize your photos by purchasing a host of content and filters. The best part is that it also allows you to whiten your teeth, remove spots and marks, and add captions and memes to your selfies.

Photo Editor is also available on Android as well as iOS phones.


Over 300+ million people use this app to beautify their selfie. It’s one of the best selfie apps of 2017. The incredible shot taken from your B612 app will grab you a dozen compliments. Liven up your memories with best filters, beauty effects, corrective features, cool backgrounds and exciting stickers.

B612 is also available on Android as well as iOS phones.

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Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is lovely selfie camera app you the selfie-enthusiast in you! According to the US Weekly, the Kardashian sisters use this app to edit their selfies. You can capture the image from the app and let the rest rely on it! You can even add makeup to your looks there. It’s also equipped with an intensity slider that keeps you from looking over airbrushed!

Perfect 365 is also available on Android as well as iOS phones.

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So dear fellas snap your phones, download one of these apps and enjoy the best selfie posting experience!!

If we have missed out on your favorite selfie apps feel free to drop a comment below! We’d love to hear from our readers!

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