Sex – The Ultimate Point of Intimacy?


Sex and Intimacy are they one and the same? Or are they different?

Does one results in another or both are independent to each other? Many such abstruse questions will revolve around anybody’s mind.

There are many conflicting opinions about sex and intimacy all around.


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Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, even intimacy is! Intimacy is the pillar for sex because until and unless you know a person deeply you can’t be comfortable enough to have him/her.

And sex is an act of devoting yourself physically and mentally. Sex comes from a relationship where there is love and affection, which in turn means intimacy!

So undoubtedly sex and intimacy are closely related to each other. Both are like a heart and brain for an intense relationship.

Sex without intimacy:

But, this is also not deniable that any person may engage in the act of sex for money, for lust, for having baby, to exert power, to get rid of boredom, for curiosity and many more such reasons. Here, there is no intimacy. Hence, sex is possible without having any intimacy at all!


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Intimacy without sexual relationship:

Next question, which immediately arises, is, ‘Is intimacy present in any relationship in the absence of sex?’.

Of course it does! In case of medical conditions where in couples can’t engage in sex, but still they do share a loving and intimate life for years.

Intimacy develops by spending time together, by being there for each other, by expressing care and concern for each other, by supporting and encouraging each other, by understanding, sharing joy, fears with each other, by undertaking the life’s journey together. Maintaining intimacy in the absence of sex is very important for any

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Intimacy is about closeness and maintaining a happy relationship together. It goes beyond sexual intercourse.

Holding hands, watching movie, playing games, reading a book together, hugs, kisses, cooking together etc. are some of the ways for exploring intimacy beyond

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Sex can be embraced for many reasons, not just by love or intimacy and hence it doesn’t always need to be the act of ultimate intimacy.

But its vital not to ignore the fact that it actually can be and that’s what enriches the relationship!

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