Shaving Myths Debunked: Facts You Should Really Know!

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‘Smooth Hairless Skin’ is the dream of every woman out there. We all must have tried each and every method to get rid of those unwanted skin hairs. With so many options, shaving is efficient, cost-effective and mainly a painless method of getting rid of the body fuzz. However, there are numerous prickly questions raised in every female mind over the custom of using razors as a long term choice for hair removal.

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Shaving Myths And Facts:

Thicker Body Hair Grows Back When You Shave It!

Yes! We all must have given our thought on this. It is just a myth. In reality, shaving has no effect on the hair growth. Some studies have confirmed that shaving your body hair does not affect the thickness as well as the rate of hair regrowth. Besides, it helps to remove the dead portion of hair.

The matter of fact is that the shaved hair lacks the finer taper at the ends of unshaven hair. This gives a sense of coarseness. Also, the new hair has not yet been lightened by the chemical exposures or the sun, which seems to result in an appearance of darker hair than existing ones. Thus, in reality, you are basically just fooling yourself while your hair remains the same.

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New Razors Easily Cut Skin

True that new razors are sharper than the used ones, but it is the excited pressure that we apply on the skin when we use the brand new razor causes cuts. In reality, the old razors are the worst as they can cause infections due to the bacteria left on the blades if any cut occurs. Also, with old blades, you need to apply little more pressure because the blades get dull which increases the chances of cuts. Throw the old razors and be smooth with the new hair removal buddies!

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Shave Immediately When You Get In The Shower

This is totally untrue. Shaving should be the last thing on your list while having a good shower. When you shower with the warm water, you help to relax your skin. The pores open and soften the skin while you shower which helps in the good shave.

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Dry shaving Is Good

No!! You should never dry shave as it will cause irritation. Always support your skin with good shaving foam. Shave gels and foams lubricates and provide a protective layer against nicks and cuts. They also help to keep track of area you have shaved and help to avoid missing spots.

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Shave Upto Knees:

Do not listen to the old-wives. It is basically your personal choice!

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So now you know the truth and the myths are busted. Go easy with the razors and shave without any worries!

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