After almost a delay of a year, the trailer of ‘Shivaay’ is out and Ajay Devgan has left no stones unturned to make it a big hit. After all the delay and controversy about the film’s poster, the trailer is worth the wait. Anyone who has seen the Shivaay trailer has nothing but words of praise from their mouths.

The Shivaay promo starts with Ajay handcuffed at some place then it switches to him lying on a mountain in pain, which makes it a killer opening shot. Ajay Devgan surely can act with his eyes. He takes you to a different world with his powerful acting throughout the trailer.

The action quotient in the trailer has surely achieved international standards. Action throughout the trailer will keep you on the edge. Ajay Devgan is seen doing some ruthless stunts in the promo.

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The Shivaay trailer is bit long, almost 3 minutes and 34 seconds but Ajay Devgan’s magnificent quoting of Lord Shiva’s sayings and Ajay’s action scenes makes us wish the trailer was longer.

The trailer with Shiva’s quotes takes you to a different world, but it does not reveal anything about its narrative script. That’s what makes us more excited to watch the film. They only show the villain’s back in the end, whose identity is not revealed. It is said that they will not reveal the identity before the release. The film is supposed to release this Diwali on October 28.

Dilip Kumar’s grand niece Sayesha Saigal will mark her debut in Shivaay. The film also features Abigail Eames, Erika Kaar, Ali Kazmi and Jabbz Farooqi. One thing is for sure, Ajay Devgan is killing it – both as actor and director!

Can’t wait for October 28th!

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