After 51 matches, 108 goals and some breathtaking penalty shootouts in the Euro 2016, it has been a fairly entertaining month of international football. With football comes great controversies and also comes some embarrassing moments.

Here are some of the most shocking moments of Euro 2016, some were for the good reasons while some for the bad reasons!

  • Hooliganism in Marseille
    Euro 2016

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When it comes to football, Europe can be an insane place or sometimes even scary. Marseille, France was a chaotic place after some minority of Russian fans attacked some English supporters after England’s 1-1 draw in a group stage game against Russia in Euro 2016. Police authorities detained 63 people linked to violence.  UEFA authorities warned both the countries about potential disqualification, if the violence occurs again. The match didn’t generate much news as it was overshadowed by the hooliganism of fans.

  • Croatian violence

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It is not a regular occurrence when fans start throwing flares on the pitch, even if their own team is winning. That is what happened this Euro 2016 during Croatia’s second group stage game against Czech Republic. When Croatia were leading the game by a 2-1 score, suddenly their own fans started throwing flares on the pitch and causing violence in the stands. The Croatian players got scared and lost confidence as their own families were present in the same stands, which resulted in conceding a second goal. Those fans had a certain internal reason, but this was no good way to express that.

  • Buffon’s Awkward moment

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Italy comfortably defeated Belgium in a 2-0 win. Gianluigi Buffon, the legendary Italian stopper made some excellent saves in his 157th game for Italy. He then ran towards the Italian section of crowd to celebrate by attempting a swing on the crossbar, but failed horribly and ended up falling badly on his back.

  • Iceland defeats England

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With their government scattering, market collapsing and then this 2-1 defeat from Iceland was surely not a good month for English fans. Not many people expected England in Euro 2016 to lose from a nation whose population is just above 3 lakhs. Here is a fun fact: If you are a male and an Icelandic citizen you have a 2000th chance of being in the national team squad for Euros.

  • Joachim low’s rearranging and sniffing

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Did he just do what we saw him doing? Yes that was the most awkwardly funny moment of Euros. The German coach sniffed that thing in front of 1000 cameras and hats off to the cameraman he patiently focused on this moment rather than switching it to the game.

This year’s Euros were memorable. After watching these moments, we can surely say “We have seen it all”.

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