Long voluminous hairstyles may leave you awestruck but short hair is the current stardom. Short hairstyles have charted up the fashion industry and can envy those with longer tresses. If you are a fashion freak and love experimenting with your hair, chop them off to a stylish short hairdo. Another commonly asked question is, “How to style the short tresses?” Should you leave them messy, or should you comb them in slicked hairstyle, or should you tie them up in different ways? There are innumerable short hairstyles for women and today we bring some chic braids for your short hair.

Beautiful Dutch Braid Pigtails 

You can definitely try Dutch braids for your short locks. They might look little messy and offbeat but it’s worth the adorable back-to-school look it imparts.

dutch pigtail braids
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Messy Side Braided Ponytail

A low ponytail hairstyle with messy touch up can be spruced up with stunning side braids. This adds a playful texture to your look and this will also help to secure frontal bangs back.

messy braids
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Breathtaking Loose Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braiding looks wondrous both on long and short lustrous hair. You may leave the braided hairstyle loose or tight as per your choice. The interwoven locks in cascading pattern will look breathtaking.

waterfall braids
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Side Roped Braid Short Hairstyle For Prom Night

This two min easy and quick rope braid hairstyle is perfect for the modern Mom on the go! Add them to you ensemble for the prom night and win tens of compliments.

side rope braids
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Attractive Micro-Braided Hairstyles

The popular Afro-American hairstyle looks chick and trendy for short hair. The micro-braids and box braids will re-pique your interest in basic braiding. Look like a diva in rich black hair with short micro-braided hair.

micro braids
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Bouffant Braid For Stylish Looks

Bouffant hairstyles are ultra-trendy and a cornerstone approach for styling short hair. Would you imagine a puffed French braid for your tresses? If not, try it today!

puff braids
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Lilac Hair Color With Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are great styling options for short hair and once you have dyed your hair in the lilac hue it looks fabulous. The fishtail braided hairstyle can be teamed with gorgeous frontal bangs, messy look or stylish updos for fascinating appeal.

fishtail braids
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These braids are just a few styles to pep up your cropped hair; the hairstylists have come up with tens of easy braided hairstyles for stylizing your adorable short hair.




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