#ShortStory – Best Friends Not Forever – Part 3


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Krishna showered abuses as Twinkle sobbed into her pillow. He had never ever seen her crying before. Even when her father passed away five years back, she had taken care of all the rituals silently, offering a pillar of strength to her mother.

“He..he clearly stated it would either be him or you!” Twinkle wept.

“Bullshit! It doesn’t make any sense,” Krishna frowned. “And why did you have to be such a melodrama queen? You could have always opted for him. I will be your bestie for life…”

“God, I’m stuck with you!” Twinkle smiled and hugged him tightly. “And how could I have opted for him? You..you are my everything.. My father, my bestie, my sister, my brother..”

“Hold on, girl! I’m ready to be anything you want me to be, but not your brother!”

“Whatever!” Twinkle had soon finished three pegs and was on an emotional high. “I can get infinite Devs in my life, but it is only one Krishna for my entire life.”

“That’s so sweet of you!” Krishna poured a glass of water for himself and they loudly yelled CHEERS as Twinkle giggled and wept at the same time.

“But I..I do miss him…his soft lips…the way he kissed me…”

“I don’t need those details dumbo!”

“I would give him the award for the best kisser!” Twinkle checked Dev’s picture in her cell phone and sighed. “And he is super hot!”

“Excuse me, lady!” Krishna tapped Twinkle on the head. “The title for MR HOT AND BEST KISSER have already been bestowed to me by the sexy ladies of Pune, so….”

Twinkle started laughing loudly, “Only because some weirdo, out of her mind lady gave you some lame compliment, you take it seriously??”

“I’m not talking only about one lady,” Krishna winked at Twinkle. “Every girl I have dated till today…”

Twinkle burst out laughing and threw a pillow on Krishna’s head, “Blind, desperate girls!”

“Right, just like the senseless, shapeless men who hit at you in the bar.”

“They are better than the poor ladies you date,” Twinkle couldn’t stop laughing and that irked Krishna.

“You are simply jealous of all the attention I get!” Krishna scowled and folded his hands like a kid.

“Jealous and of you!” Twinkle laughed uncontrollably and suddenly the look on her face changed as Krishna unbuttoned his shirt and flaunted his six pack abs.

“Someone looks speechless!” Krishna loved the look on her face. “Any comments now?”

“Shut up and wear your shirt,” Twinkle couldn’t stop ogling at his bare chest. She had seen him shirtless numerous times in the gym, but it was either the booze or her hormones that were playing with her senses today and abruptly she walked to the kitchen so Krishna wouldn’t hear her heart hammering loudly.

“Ohhh… the poor girlssssss!” Krishna mimicked Twinkle and followed her to the kitchen. “What did you call them Weirdo? Desperate?”

“I think you should leave,” Twinkle mumbled, afraid she would land up kissing her best friend if he stayed any longer.

“What’s wrong?” Krishna frowned. “You’re the only girl I know who never compliments my physique.”

“Just go away,” Twinkle tried to playfully push him as he tried to flaunt his biceps and triceps.

“You’re so rude!” Krishna stuck out her tongue at her. “What if I say I won’t go?”

“Then I will land up kissing you and I’m absolutely certain I will regret it later,” Twinkle threw her hands in the air. What was wrong with her?

“W-What?” Krishna looked at her flabbergasted. “You…you..will k-kiss me?”

“I’m horny, lonely and completely sloshed,” Twinkle prepared her last drink. “Please leave before I rape you.”

Krishna laughed, “Silly. I have crashed on your couch numerous times. You never even came close to me!”

“It’s different today,” Twinkle came close to Krishna and looked into his eyes. She slipped her fingers in his hair and stared at his lips longingly.

“Maybe it’s the booze that has poisoned your senses,” Krishna shook his head and took a step back. He couldn’t believe that Twinkle was staring at him with desire. He had seen her naked once, when they were kids and suddenly he had an adrenaline rush and pinned Twinkle on the wall as he kissed her roughly, passionately.

As Twinkle moaned in pleasure, Krishna lost track of time and his bickering mind that was yelling at him to leave instantly. He showered her kisses on the neck, in her cleavage and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Twinkle’s flushed face and warm body replied to his every move and before the two best friends could stop each other they were naked on the floor, Krishna on top of her, inside her, panting and moaning as he realized that he had the best sex of his life with his best friend! But the feeling of pleasure turned into utter astonishment as he noticed his wife standing at the door, crying;

“Reema!” Krishna swallowed saliva as she looked at him with pure hatred.

***The finale of the short story will be published on 31-Jan-2016. Stay tuned.

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