#Short Story – Best Friends not Forever – Part 1


Twinkle Gupta giggled as a customer ogled at her beautiful almond shaped eyes. While she prepared his cocktail, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her voluminous figure.

“Enjoy your drink,” she grinned at him and moved to the next customer.

“Here’s your Bacardi white rum with Coke,” Twinkle gave a fake smile to a fifty year old man. “Enjoy!”

“I will,” he smiled at her. “Do you know why I come to this place, Twinkle?”

Because you’re filthy rich and have no other place to go,” Twinkle murmured. Aloud she said, “I believe as you always comment after one peg, because my smile lights up the dark.”

“It does,” he flirted with her. “Also, you can read my mind! I don’t even have to order anymore. You know my favorite drink.”

 “I have to. You tip me more than the drink costs!” Twinkle thought and gave him a wide smile. She excused herself and winked at her best friend,

“Carrot juice as always?”

“You can read my mind! I don’t even have to order anymore. You know my favorite drink.” Krishna Prasad mimicked the old man.

“Shhhh..” Twinkle glared at him. “He is one of my regular customers….”

“But seriously, you have some magic in your hand,” Krishna sipped his carrot juice happily. “It tastes so yucky when Reema prepares it.”

“All okay with wifey dear?” Twinkle frowned as Krishna suddenly looked uncomfortable.


****Stay tuned for part 2 getting published on 17-Jan-2016.

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