#ShortStory – Should parents be blamed for Sibling rivalry?

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Twelve year old Piya rushed home exuberantly, holding her ‘G.K. Genius’ trophy preciously in her hand, desperately waiting to show it off to her parents and friends circle. All her excitement subsided when her mother commented, “What’s the big deal? Zia already has four of them!”

When you compare children

The smile on Piya’s face vanished instantly and was replaced with utter disbelief. She had toiled months to win this trophy and her mother had snatched away her pleasure in just a second! Her father’s response was almost the same and Piya locked herself in her room weeping, thinking about things she could do in a different way that would make her parents feel proud. Anything and everything she did was never met with an enthusiastic response and she was constantly compared to her elder sister Zia.

Piya loved her sister. Zia was the only one who always motivated her during her low times and encouraged her to challenge herself to perform well. Zia always showered her with compliments on her achievement, but little Piya was craving for her parents attention. Her parents were so used to Zia being the top performer in everything, that Piya’s excellent performance in school and otherwise would generally go unnoticed or met with a lukewarm response.

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Piya fighting with her own thoughts

Their parents received a shock of their life when unfortunately Zia one day lost her life in an accident. The entire family mourned her death, but for Piya her silver lining had just disappeared amongst the clouds and she knew she was all alone in a world where no one respected or was concerned about her. As she howled loudly during the funeral and rubbed the constant tears, weird thoughts started flooding her mind,

“Now, you will never be compared to Zia again! Your parents will appreciate your effort and value you as their daughter. Now, you don’t need to play second fiddle to your sister anymore! So you can shine and rise!”

The poor confused girl was petrified by all the thoughts and looked around terrified as her parents were consoled by their relatives. “They aren’t even bothered about you now! All they care is for themselves and Zia!”

And the little girl replayed all those occasions when she had expected her parents to applaud her accomplishments, but they had disappointed her and she was relieved that Zia had passed away! Piya, sat alone whilst the funeral went on and thought about all the ways she could make her parents happy now….

Parents Wake Up!! Every Child is Different!! Dont Compare between your children but recognize and appreciate the abilities of each of them!! All the young soul needs is your attention!!

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Parents, stop comparing amongst your children before they forget the line between love and dislike!

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