Meet Sigi and Hanka Siegreich who are both in their 90’s and have been married for 72 years. What’s striking is that they are still madly in love. Did you know where they met each other for the first time? They met each other in Poland, inside the confined walls of a Nazi slave-Labor camp. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The story of Sigi and Hanka makes us believe that love still prevails and a soulmate does exist! Let us fall in love with them as Stylewhack unfurls their inspiring love story –

When Eyes Met
Sigi Hanka
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Sigi remembers vividly the first time he laid eyes on Hanka. He says, “I lost my mind’.  It was New Year’s Eve 1944, and the two were in the Czestochowa camp. Sigi reminisces that time and says, “When I saw her, the whole world was turning around me. I saw a pair of beautiful eyes and I heard bells ringing.”  He fell in love with Hanka’s illuminating smile. “I just knew right then that she was the one,” he says. “I still get the same feeling when I look at her now. Always, she is beautiful.”

Hanka remembers their first kiss and says “I wanted to hold on to the kiss forever”. The men and women were not allowed to speak to each other in the camp. For Sigi and Hanka it was a tough ride.

The Hardship called Love
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Love blossomed even amidst hardships. Or rather the brutality in the save camp brought them closer. Sigi was forced to make bullets for the Nazi army. He purposefully made the bullets smaller so that they would jam the guns. Very soon his felony was discovered and Sigi ran and hid at a construction site to save his life. Only Hanka knew about this hiding place. Hanka risked her life on several occasions while she smuggled food for Sigi. She gave part of her meager meal to help Sigi survive.

The camp hardships ended soon as the camp was liberated 18 days later they met.

The Real ‘Fairy’ Tale
Sigi and Hanka
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Sigi and Hanka married the very next day of their freedom. Since then are living their love story every single day. It has been 72 years since they first met and their love still holds strong. They have two daughters and grandkids. Their elder daughter Evelyne says that her father still adores her mother and says, “look at your mum, she is so beautiful, there is not a drop of makeup on her skin and look how beautiful she is”. They celebrated their 50 years reunion in Australia along with all the inmate friends of the Nazi Camp where they met. So magical to be true, right?

With love lost in the ambushes of selfishness and dishonesty, Sigi and Hanka Siegreich indeed bring a ray of hope to the world. Stylewhack team wishes Sigi and Hanka a life full of love and happiness!

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